The Bunker Boys 03/07

The course was in excellent condition, but the groundskeepers must have been pretty hungover as a few of the yellow tee markers were placed along side the red tees. In fact, if Silver Bird had shown up today, he would have been playing behind the rest of us on a couple holes. Go figure.
1st Tony Robbins (15) 34 pts cb
2nd Geoff Parker (13) 34 pts
3rd Les Cobban (8) 32 pts
Near Pins: Geoff Parker (2), Colin Greig, Geoff Cox

Wednesday, July 1, Khao Kheow G.C. A & B Yellow Tees – Stableford —
Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. There was a lot of talk back at The Ranch about the numerous GUR areas on the track today. Well, guys, without the GUR areas the course would just continue to deteriorate. Khao Kheow does a pretty good job of keeping the course in tip top shape and the majority of us are appreciative of being able to play at such a nice course. Keep up the GUR.
JC — that’s not Jesus Christ but our man Jimmy Carr — started out like he could walk on water posting 20 points on the front only to sink to 12 on the back. Even with a meager total of 32, he took first place and was six points above the average of 26. Colin Greig, newly returned from the chilly, gray, dreary northern climes, didn’t waste any time making his way to the podium to claim second place only one point behind JC. Geoff Parker rounded out the pay positions with 30 points for third.
1st Jimmy Carr (19) 32 pts
2nd Colin Greig (8) 31 pts
3rd Geoff Parker (12) 30 pts
Near Pins: Paul Hector (2), Richard Baldotto

Friday, July 3, BangPra G.C. — Stableford —
It seems obvious the PSC computers are malfunctioning as Peter Allen’s handicap hasn’t come down in proportion to his number of outstanding performances. The man has won four out of his last six attempts and is about to break a Bunker Boy record held by Plucky Purcell.
A bright sunny sky with a balmy Gulf of Thailand breeze greeted the Bunker Boys on their arrival at the lovely BangPra G.C.. The stage was set for the thirteen players that made the treacherous drive up the frontage road adjacent to Route 7. Extensive roadwoks has forced the masses to contend with trucks on the lanes-unmarked frontage road. Not to worry — completition is scheduled for early 2025.
The fairways were good but if you strayed you were more than likely to find hardpan. The greens were not as quick as usual and some had been lightly sanded. All in all, and at the risk of sounding boilerplate, it’s a great course, and it was just another great day in golf paradise.
1st Peter Allen (30) 38 pts
2nd Geoff Parker (12) 36 pts
3rd Les Cobban (7) 34 pts
Near Pins: Colin Greig (2), Richard Baldotto, Geoff Parker

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