The Bunker Boys 01/06

Monday, June 1, Crystal Bay G.C.  C & A — Stableford

It’s not easy to express the giddy frisson of expectation one feels when they see a ball — especially, their own — barely clear a water hazard, hit a rock, bound 20 feet in the air, and track straight at the hole. Frank did a pretty good job by exclaiming WOW ! LUCKY !. This was the scene that played out on the C-course 7th hole par-3. With the ball coming to rest only two feet from the cup Frank, in his excitement, fails to get the deuce. Oh well, nice par.

Luck aside, the Bunker Boys were in good form today as six out of eleven players scored 35 or more stableford points — four with 35, two with 36. Win, place, and show were all determined on count back. Geoff over Tony for the win, and Peter over Les, Jimmy and Frank for show.

Good news ! The rumor is B-course will be ready for action in August.

1st Geoff Parker (12) 36 pts cb

2nd Tony Robbins (17) 36 pts

3rd Peter Habgood (21) 35 pts cb

Near Pins: Peter Habgood (2), Steve Durey, Frank Quinlan


Wednesday, June 3, Khao Kheow G.C. Yellow Tees  B & C — Stableford

It wasn’t looking good on our arrival. Dark clouds all around with lightening crackling here and there. As we made our way to the first tee the skies opened up and the proverbial cats and dogs were falling from the sky. Fortunately, it was just a brief downpour and the round was enjoyed without anyone getting wet.

We couldn’t help but notice that even a well-heeled track like Khao Kheow is failing to properly place the plastic inserts in the holes. Too many of them were even with the putting surface, which is not cool. If a lining is used it needs to be one inch below the putting surface. When I fire my ball to the back of the hole I expect it to hit earth and drop in, not plastic and bounce out.

That being said, Khao Kheow is one of the nicest courses in the area and we always enjoy coming up here.

1st Mike Jeffreys (14) 36 pts

2nd Les Hall (26) 35 pts cb

3rd P.J. Redmond (22s) 35 pts

Near Pins: P.J. Redmond, Les Hall, Steve Durey


Friday, June 5, Pattavia G.C. — Stableford

The trek through the pineapple fields is a lot smoother now that a major portion of the road as been paved. Yes, that’s right, you no longer have to worry about disappearing in a pothole or sustaining a concussion from hitting your head on the ceiling of your car before reaching the golf course. Praise the Lord.

The course was in excellent condition and has to be one of the best values in the area.

1st Jimmy Carr (19) 36 pts

2nd Les Hall (26) 34 pts cb

3rd P.J. Redmond (22s) 34 pts

Near Pins: Frank Quinlan, Les Hall, Jimmy Carr


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