The Banker Boys 08/06

At an extraordinary plenary session of the standing committee a unanimous decision was reached — in the spirit of equalitarianism and to break the motonomy of same/same — to dedicate this week’s report to those Bunker Boys that rarely see their names on the web site or in the Pattaya Mail. Those true troopers that keep grinding it out round after round only to come up on the short end of the stick. Accordingly, the results for this week will be listed as follows: Bringing Up The Rear, Almost Last, Three Back.

Monday, June 8, Bangpra G.C. — Stableford

Heading up the motorway I kept saying to myself ” rain rain go away and come again another day “. This is the only thing I could remember from my junior high school science class about meteorology. Needless to say my chants didn’t appease the rain gods and my wish was ignored. It rained all day — well, on the entire back nine.

The nine Bunker Boys that made the trip weren’t the only ones getting wet. As it turns out the groundskeepers were mowing the greens as we played !  It feels a bit awkard yelling ” four ” at a lawn mower on the green in the middle of the afternoon.

Bringing Up The Rear — Skinny Newton (26) 24 pts

Almost Last — Bob Catlow (16) 25 pts cb

Three Back — Peter Allen (30) 25 pts

Near Pins: P.J. Redmond, Peter Allen, Bob Catlow

Wednesday, June 10, Burapha G.C.  A & B — Stableford

We chose the wrong day to play this lovely course — a junior tournament was taking place ( read crowded ), and on one of the hottest days of the year buggies weren’t allowed on the fairways. Why ? Who knows ? Just keep smiling.

All Geoff Parker could say was ha ha as in nung, song, sam, see, ha. Posting a 5 on every hole on the front is a bit out of the ordinary for a 12 handicapper. Oh well, it got even worse on the back. Ha ha !

Bringing Up The Rear — Frank Quinlan (27) 18 pts

Almost Last — Geoff Hart (22) 21 pts

Three Back — Peter Allen (30) 23 pts

Near Pins: Tony Robbins, Peter Habgood, Mashi Kaneta, Geoff Parker

Friday, June 12, Emerald G.C. —  Medal

If things keep going the way they are, i.e., the course keeps improving, we’ll have more of an incentive to head to BangChan than just hitting the bars afterwards. Slowly, slowly the rise in green fees seems to be filtering down to the maintenance crew.

Looks like more bacon sandwiches for Tony as he was the proud recipient — again — of the KPK voucher. He has to have the best stocked fridge / pantry in town.

Bringing Up The Rear — Richard Baldatto (21) 83 net

Almost Last — Skinny Newton (26) 78 net

Three Back — Bob Catlow (16) 77 net

Near Pins: Les Burns, Frank Quinlan, Bob Catlow

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