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Tuesday was a visit to Bangpra, with the course playing long, under threatening skies.  The course management had deemed that carts were allowed on the fairways, so in keeping with PSC guidelines, the ball was played as it lay.  The rain held off, but the course played right up to it’s rating, with good scores, thin on the ground.  The best of the day was Jonathan Pratt (11) leading the way with a rather meagre 29 points, ahead of Jeff Wylie (7) with a paltry 27 points.  The greens had recently been cored, which combined with the recent rain, were certainly noticeably slower than they can be.  NTPs were won by Paddy and Jeff.

Thursday saw a good crew head up the 331 to Greenwood, with the C & A combination our test for the day.  The course was quite sodden, with carts confined to the paths, we played lift, clean & place on the closely mown surfaces.  The course had already been well drenched, so the heavy shower which came over on our 12th hole, added even more surface water to the rest of the holes.  Once again it was Jeff and Jonathan battling it out for top spot on the podium, with Jeff getting the nod, after signing for 35 points.  Jonathan completed his round with 33 points, declaring that he should have had more.  Willem Lasonder (18) came home with a wet sail, his last 2 hole pars saw him edge Paddy Devereux (23) 15/14 on countback, after both signed for 31 points.  NTPs were spread around between Willem, Paul & Stan.

Siam Country Resort, Restaurant & Bar is located just off Siam Country Club Rd, after going under the arch past the 7/11, turn right after 50 metres, with the venue on the left another 200 metres along.  Golf from here is generally played on Tuesday & Thursday, with the Resort hosting prompt presentations on both days.  As a PSC affiliated venue we welcome ALL golfers, including Ladies & Seniors (>60s) who have opted for the “Silver” tee option.  Call 0890941841 for scheduling or enquiries.


Paddy & Willem @ SCR

Paddy & Willem @ SCR


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