Siam Country Resort 30/10


Good week n the Emerald and Mountain Shadow

It was a long time ago we played the Emerald. So we were Tuesday curious how it would be on the course. Despite heavy rain in the night the course was in good condition. We enjoyed our day and had a good game. Paddy Devereux (22) confirmed his good form today again with 39 stable ford points. Second was Sam Gettinby (24) with 38 stable ford points and third Willem Lasonder (19) with 37 stable ford points.
The near pins were for Sam Gettinby, Willy Hogg (28) and Jonathan Pratt (10).

On the Thursday we went to Mountain Shadow. The weather was nice and hot. The course was in very good condition. The greens were a little bit unpredictable because of the sanding. Sometimes slow and the next time very fast. Anyway we had a nice golfing day again.
We had a close finish between Neil Harvey (16) Jonathan Pratt and again Paddy Devereux, each with 33 stable ford points. Neil became the winner on the count back and Jonathan Pratt was second.
The near pins were for Neil Harvey and Martin Hayes (17).
Siam Country Resort, Restaurant & Bar is located just off Siam Country Club Rd, after going under the arch past the 7/11, turn right after 50 meters, with the venue on the left another 200 meters along. Golf from here is generally played on Tuesday & Thursday, with the Resort hosting prompt presentations on both days. As a PSC affiliated venue we welcome ALL golfers, including Ladies & Seniors (>60s) who have opted for the “Silver” tee option. Call 089 2535440 (Willem Lasonder) for scheduling or enquiries.

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