Siam Country Resort 26/02

Good scores at Pattavia

Tuesday we went with 3 groups to Pattavia. The course was in excellent condition and the weather was a little bit cloudy. We were happy with an early start, because just after finishing the competition we had a huge shower on the way home.
Today Paul Davies (28) was the man with 40 stable ford points. Second became George Gamble (26) with 38 stable ford points. Third was Sam Gettinby (23) with 34 stable ford points, beating Neil Harvey (17) and Paddy Devereux (18) on the count back.
The nears to the pin Sam Gettinby, Stuart Banks (18), Neil Harvey and George Gamble.

Silky Oak was our venue for Thursday. It was already a few months ago, that we played this course. It was a beautiful day and the course was very nice. On some hole the area around the green was to wet. The fairways were perfect.
The winner today was Bob Edwards (10) with 37 stable ford points and second was Owen Walkley (17) with 36 stable ford points.
The nears to the pin were for Willem Lasonder (19), Owen Walkley and Paddy Devereux.

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