Ray Rogers 9th and Final Memorial Tournament Scramble 07/05

Thursday The 7th May 2015 Plutaluang ( North and West)  The Legend continues and gains strength as the Years go by. When Ray went to the ‘Great Golf Course in The Sky’, his Nephew Gary declared that he will keep it going as long as he can, till at least Ray would have been 100 years old. That being this year it is probable this will be the last, but as Gary and Dave said “One never knows’.  Fully  supported by his friends, this has been a remarkable Competition, and on this day we had a very full turnout that even made the ‘Organisers’ ponder a little on it’s future. However for now it was the last.

Dave Richardson continues to be the strength of the ‘Organisation’ side, supported by his team, and supported as usual by The Scribe the ever faithful recorder. The friends of Papa Ray and Gary rally around, and many old faces come out of hiding. Particular thanks go to Bjarne and his family from The Cafe Kronberg who provide the buffet food which went down particularly well this year with the hungry Golfers, all who did  justice to a fine spread.

Gary is the Major Sponsor and every Year throws himself into the day by providing his house for the event, sponsoring the many prizes, and being the ever respectful Host, and I am certain his Uncle Ray would be most proud of him. From all who take part and fondly remember Ray, our thanks to Gary for his continuing commitment. Gary, despite health issues, made the major commitment, and the trip, for this the last of the theses days, and provided all the players with a very nice carry bag. I thank Gary for his tremendous efforts over the years, His Uncle Ray would have been very proud of him.

Onto the day and Dave had slaved away as he usually does to get together a number of groups and zoomed about raising additional bits and pieces to make the day a success. A day such as this does not just happen and Dave was out and about for some time previous. On this day with carry bags for all the Golfers and fine prizes, Gary and Dave surpassed themselves.

The day started with all turning up at Plutaluang, and a great deal at present, and playing off either the North or West as we had a two Tee start. This 18 holes is, as all who play there know, a really difficult 18 holes .

The Course as such was in very good condition, this 18 holes is not the most esthetically pleasing but a real test it is. I must also say that these days it is very well maintained and the fairways are well manicured and the greens well looked after and run fast and true. All commentated on how good the Course was especially the greens which were true and fast . On this day the Course was as ‘The Admiral’ wanted it, in very fine condition for the day but a real test. This was also a very hot day and this made for an excellent if hot round.

The Restaurant at this Course is probably the best value of any Course. It has inherent advantages in that it is on a Military base, but it has to be said the food is usually very good and well priced and the views are exceptional. Worth a visit. Mind with the food at Gary’s beckoning most sat and had a beer until the results were in and then a quick drive back.

You can always tell where the house is, the cars are parked all down the road, and through the gates the tables are set out and the beer is flowing. The beer this year was not in ‘The Well’ but in coolers on the back of a pickup, and it worked well. The food was laid out well  and the beef from the spit in particular was cooked well and was especially tasty. The tables were full of hungry golfers filling up on cold beer and good food.

Dave meantime was beavering away on the results but was not missing out on the cold beer and food, then it was time for the presentation and as Emcee Dave was soon underway.

Firstly he thanked all who helped him, and paid particular attention to Gary who gave of his house for the day and so heavily sponsored the day. He also thanked Tiger Line and Pattaya City Golf for assistance with the fine prizes and PSC who helped with the ‘Lucky Draw’.Then it was into the presentation.

Firstly Dave gave out the Technical Prizes, reported below, and then onto the Team Winners.

In fifth place with a net 59.5  was the team of Mark West, Bob Britton, Brian Parish and Paul Alford

In fourth place with a net 58.7 was the team of Mike Winfield, Stuart Rifkin, Paul Avery and Graham Rice. Losing on countback to

In third place also with a net 58.7 was the team of Trevor Loresch, Clive Robinson. Bob Rasmussen and Kris Helgasson.

In second place with a net 57.8  were the team of Derek Brook, Bob Watson, Mashi Kaneta and Maurice Roberts.

So to the winners and with a fine 57.5 the winners were Alan Duffs, Colin Simpson, Phil Laurie and Kevin Macintosh. Fine round and well played.

With the presentations over it was time for Dave’s ‘Lucky Draws’ and all went home with something. Then the pickup was emptied and all went home.  T.T.F.N.

Near Pins    Russell  Exley   Graham Rice   Mike O’Brien   Jack Levy

Long Put     Maurice Roberts   Phil Bystrom




07052015_ray4Long Putt winners

07052015_ray5 near pin winner

07052015_ray6near pin winner

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