PSC Golf from Tropical Bert’s and Cafe Kronborg

 Friday July 10, Pattavia Century – ST

Big Winners At Pattavia

Due to the Friday holiday the golfers at Tropical Bert’s met a day early this week for the long drive out to Pattavia. Cafe Kronborg was playing the same course at nearly the same time, and since both groups had low season numbers, it was agreed to combine the competition. This proved highly successful, making the outing more enjoyable for everyone, and some new friends were made. Look for additional days of cooperation in the future.

We haven’t visited Pattavia in a while, and most forgot what a challenging course this is. Position off the tee is critical, and the greens fast and contoured. Three putts+ were common. Conditions at Pattavia can be described as excellent, and this goes for the clubhouse as well as the golf course. Has any new clubhouse been more anticipated – and needed? The course is in great condition with excellent fairway coverage and greens that seriously test the best flat stick players. That said, several golfers took advantage of the good weather and course condition to turn in some fantastic scores.

The combined groups allowed for two flights. In the “A” Flight (0-20) Joe Vanderwegon (20) took the honors with an excellent 40 points. Ted Morris (13) placed second, followed by Daryl Evans (20) with 36 points, and Henry Wong (20) with 35.

The “B” Flight (21+) displayed the best score of the day with Lasse Pettersson (24) earning 41 points on this tough course. Mick Coghlan (23) followed with an very respectable 39 points, followed by Kenny Chung (24) with 36, and Dave Richardson (25) with 35. Great scores!

Near pins: Daryl Evans, Hugh O’Donnell, Dave Richardson, Tom Herrington

Special thanks to the organizers Dave Richardson and Dick Warburg for seamlessly combining the groups this day. It took extra effort and cooperation from both, and the result was a good day of golf for everyone.

First two in each flight: Ted, Joe, Daryl, Lasse

First two in each flight: Ted, Joe, Daryl, Lasse


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