Phantom Golf Society 13/11

PSC Golf from the Phantom Golf Society – W.E 13.11.15

Peter Blackburn

Monday, 9th November, 2015 – Crystal Bay, A & C – Stableford

Mogens Again On Count Back!

We had 17 golfers signed up for the first game of the week and on a fine Monday Morning we headed off up number 7 and arrived at Crystal Bay 45 minutes later. The golf course was not too busy and the A & C nines were our combination for the day with the news that the B nine would be open again on the 15th of this month. Our first group got away 10 minutes early on A1 at 9.50am and we found the golf course in quite good condition with the lush fairways and the greens although a little slow were quite alright, except for one golfer who could not come to terms with them. Our pace was not too bad although a couple of slow groups ahead held us up somewhat but we managed to complete our round in four hours & fifteen minutes which was 45 minutes quicker than the round at Khao Kheow the previous Friday. It was another fine day’s golf on a fine golf course.
With 2 golfers scoring 41 points it was necessary for a count back which resulted in the winner being declared as Mogens Melander (23 point back nine) with Svend Hommel (18 point back nine) in second spot. Peter Gangur finished in third place with 39 points and your writer, Peter Blackburn regained some form to score 38 points and finish fifth. Then there were 3 golfers with 37 points vying for fifth spot and the count back awarded it to Torben Lindgaard (22 point back nine) with John Tallet (19 point back nine) and Lorraine Percy (18 point back nine) just missing out.

1st – Mogens Mellander (29) – 41 points
2nd – Svend Hommel (13) – 41 points
3rd – Peter Gangur (23) – 39 points
4th – Peter Blackburn (14) – 38 points
5th – Torben Lindgaard (29) – 37 points
A8 – Steve Truelove
C7 – Torben Lindgaard

A9 – Oddur Olafsson
C9 – Tony Cook
Friday 13th November, 2015 – Pleasant Valley – Stableford

Bill McGarvie Pars The Course!

It was another great turnout as 25 golfers signed up to play Pleasant Valley and our mini van left the Phantom Bar just before our scheduled 8.30am departure time and we arrived at the course just 35 minutes later. Welcomes were handed out to Gary Williams, Henry Loh, Mark Cooper, Andy Todd & Kissy Buchanan. It wasn’t too busy so we were quickly into action and got our first group, a three ball away 25 minutes early at 9.35am. It was very hot & humid with dark clouds hovering above but stayed fine for fifteen holes and then the rain came which caused us to shelter at the drink stop before the 16th tee along with many other groups who converged there. After about 25 minutes it cleared up and we proceeded and finished our round in Four & a half hours which included the stop for rain. The golf course was in good shape although quite wet in parts due to the heavy recent rain but preferred lies on the fairway ensured that one always had a decent lie and some of the greens were a bit uneven and most were slow but quite ok. As can be seen from the scores there were a couple of players who reveled in the conditions and it was a very enjoyable day for most.

Bill McGarvie played a terrific game of golf and shot par for the course in compiling his 45 points and was the winner in the A Flight. Jacob Cummings also played well and his 74 off the stick gave him second place with 41 points and Denis Steele finished third with 38 points. In the B Flight it was once again Mogens Melander who was the winner by following up his 18 points at Bangpra the previous day with a fine 43 points – funny game golf isn’t it! In second place came Henry Loh with 38 points and Frank Mills finished third with 38 points.


A Flight – 0 to 15
1st – Bill McGarvie (9) – 45 points
2nd – Jacob Cummings (7) – 41 points
3rd – Dennis Steele (14) – 38 points

B Flight – 16 to 36
1st – Mogens Melander (29) – 43 points
2nd – Henry Loh (18) – 38 points
3rd – Frank Mills (21) – 35 points

5th – Garry Williams
8th – Ken Grimes
13th – Svend Hommel
17th – Christian Boysen

9th – Mogens Melander
18th – Torben Lindgaard
The Phantom Golf Society welcomes golfers of any persuasion – low & high handicappers alike, female golfers and beginners. We generally play Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays, meeting at The Phantom Bar in Soi Buakhow at 8.00 am with transport departing at 8.30 am. Breakfast is now available at the Phantom Bar from 7.30am onwards. For bookings or more information please contact Peter on 0806 351 386 or email to

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