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Peter Blackburn

Monday, 30th November, 2015 – Treasure Hill – Stableford

Olsen & Hookey Too Good At Treasure Hill!

This was another day when Phantom Bar & Colin’s Golf Bar combined and the result was a total of 23 golfers eager to tackle the challenging Treasure Hill Golf Course. Being the last day in November it was the end of the 1050baht for Green Fee, Caddy & Cart (terrific deal) hence the good response. It seems that every man and his dog had the same idea as us as there were another two Golf Societies playing there. Both with good numbers but with one of the Societies starting on the 10th tee it meant that our first group, a three ball teed off just 15 minutes later than our scheduled 11.00am Tee Time. The weather was great but hot & humid and the golf course was looking a treat with the greens fairly quick but firm & true. The going was slow due to the four ball in front of us dragging their feet and it was necessary for me to point out to them as they were on the 10th tee that they were almost two holes behind the group in front of them. They took the remark quite well and did speed up somewhat but talking to other members of their Society afterwards it would appear that that particular four ball has a history of being very slow. Nonetheless we soldiered on and completed a very enjoyable but slow round in about four hours & forty minutes.
The golf course was certainly the winner on the day as can be seen by the results and in A Flight there were no less than 5 golfers with 30 points therefore a count back was done to decide the first three places. Jacob Olsen (16 point back nine) was declared the winner from scratch handicapper David Hutchison (15 point back nine) in second spot with Thomas Haring (14 point back nine) finishing third. The unlucky 2 golfers were your writer, Peter Blackburn (13 point back nine) and Hans Huber (13 point back nine). In the B Flight with the best score on the day was Garry Hookey with 34 points and with 2 players on 31 points another count back was required which resulted in Walter Baechli (17 point back nine & 13 points on the last 6 holes) finishing second from Nat Rukkid (17 point back nine & 11 points on the last 6 holes) in third spot.

A Flight – 0 to 16
1st – Jacob Olsen (9) – 30 points
2nd – David Hutchison (0) – 30 points
3rd – Thomas Haring (15) – 30 points

B Flight – 17 +
1st – Garry Hookey (17) – 34 points
2nd – Walter Baechli (17) – 31 points
3rd – Nat Rukkid (19) – 31 points
6th – Garry Hookey
17th – Olli Orth

9th – Garry Hookey
18th – Walter Baechli
Wednesday 2nd December, 2015 – Crystal Bay, C & A – Medal & Stableford

Phantom Golf Cup No.7

Bob Watson – Low Gross Winner!

There was another great response for the 7th Phantom Golf Cup as we had 45 players signed up and the weather was looking good so we were looking forward to a great day with once again an earlier than usual first tee time of 9.00am. As usual we had a low gross prize up for grabs and there was keen interest shown by the low handicappers and the first group that got away 10 minutes earlier than scheduled consisted of Jeff (5), Bob (4), Jack (3) and Jason (3) and as before they produced some very fine golf on the day with just 1 stroke separating the four of them at the end. The rest of the groups followed and things went extremely smoothly with everyone showing up on time and the last group teed off right on schedule – which was a very good effort with 11 groups. The weather was perfect and the golf course was in terrific shape with the greens much improved which enabled some fairly good scores although many in the higher end of the A Flight did struggle off the longer tees playing Medal. All groups moved fairly well and after the first group came in after four hours & twenty five minutes the others followed in quick succession.

In addition to the low gross prize we had 2 flights with A Flight for handicaps 0 to 14, playing stroke off the blue tees and B Flight for golfers with handicaps of 14 and upwards playing stableford off the white tees and there were three places in each flight. We also had a prize for the best Ladies/Seniors score and there were Technical Prizes for both flights on all holes – 9 for A Flight & 9 for B Flight.

In a nail biting finish there were 2 golfers tied on 78 gross so a count back was required to determine the Low Gross Winner and that resulted in Bob Watson (38 on the second nine) being declared the winner from Jack Grindvold (42 on the second nine). It was last month’s Low Gross Winner Jeff Wylie who won the A Flight with a net 73 and Jack Grindvold was second with a net 75. With 2 golfers on net 76 another count back was needed which saw Gerd Riedler (net 35 on the second nine) finish third with Jason Barnett (net 40 on the second nine) just missing out. The B Flight winner was one of our faithful golfers Larry Gibb with 39 points and in yet another count back as there were 2 golfers with 38 points it was Barry Elphick (16 points on the second nine) who got second spot from Tom Herrington (15 points on the second nine) in third place. There were 3 players on 37 points vying for the winning prize in the Ladies/Seniors Flight and the count back saw Kae Dayton (21 points on the second nine) take the honors from Barry Oats (20 points on the second nine) and Nat Rukkid (19 points on the second nine).

It had yet another successful Monthly Tournament with a very good field and some great golf played on a fine golf course. We had a terrific buffet meal back at the Phantom Bar and thanks to Colin’s Golf Bar for that and also many thanks to Christian Boysen of the Phantom Bar for sponsoring the event. We would also wish to thank Ali Baba Restaurant, Crown of India Restaurant, Colin’s Golf Bar and Hotel Dania for helping us with sponsorship. Next month’s Tournament is yet to be decided due to the Xmas/New Year period.


Low Gross Winner – Bob Watson (4) – 78 gross

A Flight – 0 to 14
1st – Jeff Wylie (6) – net 73
2nd – Jack Grindvold (3) – net 75
3rd – Gerd Riedler (7) – net 76

B Flight – 15 +
1st – Larry Gibb (23) – 39 points
2nd – Barry Elphick (24) – 38 points
3rd – Tom Herrington (15) – 38 points

Ladies/Seniors Flight Winner – Kae Dayton – 37 points
The Phantom Golf Society welcomes golfers of any persuasion – low & high handicappers alike, female golfers and beginners. We generally play Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays, meeting at The Phantom Bar in Soi Buakhow at 8.00 am with transport departing at 8.30 am. Breakfast is now available at the Phantom Bar from 7.30am onwards. For bookings or more information please contact Peter on 0806 351 386 or email to

Larry Gibb, Bob Watson, Kae Dayton & Jeff Wylie

Larry Gibb, Bob Watson, Kae Dayton & Jeff Wylie

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