Links Golf Society 23/06

   PSC Golf …Pattaya Links Golf Society…..Mt.Shadow…. Fri…June 23 ….S/Ford


                 Turned Out Nice in the End

Friday, 23rd June and the Pattaya Links Golf Society players gave no thought to the anniversary of the UK “Brexit” vote and proceeded to Mountain Shadow to play a stableford round on the course which was in good condition with well grassed fairways, allowing roll and greens which were a huge relief after the “brillo pads” at Bangpra two days previously. Fair weather clouds and a fresh breeze held for the full day and an empty course just added to the comfort of the day.

That said, the golfers found it hard to get going and low scores were a feature of the day. Dave Lehane took third place with 26 points and Sydney golfer Mike Firkin managed one point more on his return round. Mr Len’s “on-off” relationship with his putter was definitely improved as he shrugged off a stuttering start to complete the final thirteen holes in two under his handicap and took the day with 31 points. What could have been a hard slog turned out nice in the end. That’s the magic of golf.


                  Winner………Len Jones (29)…………31 pts

2nd Place…….Mike Firkin (22)……….27pts

3rd Place……..Dave Lehane (18)……..26 pts


Back to the Bar nice and early and results tallied. Whilst sitting and enjoying a nice meal, the very real threat of rain turned into a “fizzer”. Nothing, in Soi Buakhow, anyway.

Most ensured they went to sign up for the next game, before heading off after another day with friends..


Pattaya Links Golf Society is a friendly group and welcomes golfers of all levels. We play

Monday,Wednesday and Friday.

We are situated  at the southern end of  Soi Buakhow, and opp Action Street bars.

The Links Hotel, Restaurant and Bar.

Check the Big board out front for upcoming  games schedule.




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