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Point Scoring Spree at Bangpakong

Some say this is a long trip to play golf, but really maybe 10 minutes longer than the trip to Greenwood,and we go there a lot. However 19 golfers set out from ‘The Links” and soon found themselves alighting from the bus and cars.

Many of us had not ventured to Bangpakong for a long time,( perhaps for the above reason or just not on the schedule) and some of our number had never been here.

All agreed the course is in, dare I say,excellent condition, with lush fairways that allow the ball to sit up and ask to be hit. The bunkers are real sand bunkers and unlike some other courses, the caddies are quick to get in to rake the sand. The greens are in tip top order , a few sand patches, but ran at good speed and true.

How was the scoring? With a course in such good condition we expected some good results, and were far from disappointed!!   15 of the 19 players scored handicap or better!!  And 10 of those had 40 points or better !!

The general rule at” Links” is we play from tees at about 6,300 yards.  So today it was yellow tees at 6,319. After looking at those scores, perhaps we made it too easy, and the suggestion was next time we go from Whites at 6,683 to make a real challenge !

Running 2 flights today with 3 places in each.

“A”Flight went to Victor Woolton with a whopping 44 points,closely followed by Phil Davies in second place on a countback from Dave Neilsen, both on 43 points.

“B”Flight went to Dave Lehane  with yet another 43 pointer to win on countback from Soren Hansen, who confessed to having his best ever score in Thailand.  3rd was John Chelo just one point back on 42 points.

During presentations Phil, with great delight, gave a ribbing to his mate, Paul Smith who ,playing c/h 5, scored “just” 41 points thereby Parring the course, and winning absolutely nothing 555 ( Phil’s words, not mine).

But all was not lost for Paul as he was one of 3 to pick up a share of the pot for  making a “2”. The other 2 birdie makers were Vic Woolton and Tommy Marshall.


“A” Flight ……Vic Woolton (c/h 15)…………44 pts

Phil Davies (c/h13)………….43 pts on countback

Dave Neilsen(c/h11)…………43 pts

“B” Flight……  Dave Lehane(c/h20)……  …. 43 pts on countback

Soren Hansen (c/h 20)……….43 pts

John Chelo ( 19)……………..42 pts

“2s”  …Vic Woolton, Paul Smith,  Tommy Marshall.

A nice drive in the country, a nice Golf Course followed by a spicey( not hot) curry, the complimentary golfers meal by “Links Hotel and Bar”

Links Golf Society is a PSC affiliated, friendly group and welcomes golfers of all levels. We play Sunday, Wednesday and Friday.”      “Links” Bar and Hotel is on Soi Buakhow.

Check the Big board out front for upcoming  games schedule.

In the Photo, Vic Woolton and Dave Lehane.

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