First Green Jacket for Huw in ‘New Normal’

Now that Pattana Golf Club is offering the all-in price of 1350 bht at any time, rather than after 11.30 am, as previously, we had a good roll out of nineteen golfers.

The weather today had us fooled. Before departing Links, the sky was blue and the sun shining, and looked as if we were in for a hot day.

However, by the time we stood on the first tee at Pattana, the sky had turned to the, now, familiar dark grey clouds. With nice breezes all day and no rain, it was a comfortable round of golf.

Our first group, a three-ball, got away about 10 minutes before the scheduled time and set a good pace up front.

We played the A+B nines again and found the fairways in beautiful condition which contributed towards some very good scoring. The rough, although not high, was dense and very difficult to play from.

What happened to the ‘A’ nine greens? At our last visit, we commented on how good they were and that the ‘B’ nine greens were very patchy.

Now the ‘B nine seems to be under repair and the ‘A’ nine greens have gone downhill, with brown areas, some holes, and sanded. What a shame. Let’s hope the greenkeeper can get them back the way we like them, soon.

Huw Phillips has had some good scores recently and, finally, today had his best score and first Green Jacket since we started the ‘new normal’ in May. Huw was almost the last card to come in and before it did, it looked as if Craig Webster had scored another win.

This time he was pipped at the post, with Huw returning a great 41 points, while Craig had another impressive 40 points.

Mike Jeffreys had 40 points last Friday and missed a podium place, but today his solid 38 points got him third spot.

Martin Patch has been getting some coaching, and now, that looks to be paying off as he came in fourth with a credible 37 points.

Near Pins: Glen Elsworth (A3), Mike Jeffreys (A8), Tommy Marshall (B3), Wayne Peppernell (B7).

Winners at Pattana

1st  Place – Huw Phillips (14 ) – 41 pts

2nd Place – Craig Webster (17) – 40 pts

3rd Place – Mike Jeffreys (19) – 38 pts

4th Place –  Martin Patch (16) – 37 pts

Best Front Nine ( non winners) – Derek Phillips – 23 pts

Best Back Nine (non winners) – Steve Moxey  – 20 pts

Pattana is always a favourite and everyone looks forward to our next visit when, I’m sure, the greens will be back to the way we have always known them.

Only Wayne, from our group, won something today, but that didn’t matter because we had a lot of fun and a nice day of golf.

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