Irovers 17/12

Navy Golf Course, East and South Course white tees.

Just a handful of players for Navy today, some say its too hard, some say its not in good condition, some say they just don’t like all the trees in the middle of the fairways.
I love it, equal best caddies in Pattaya (with Emerald), yes it’s hard and long, but golf shouldn’t be too easy, yes there are trees in the middle of the fairway, (I lost one up a tree yesterday, damn), and yes the green are renowned for being very slow, but everyone is playing the same course so big deal.
Overall the course is in fairly good condition, they were actually sanding the greens about three holes behind us all day today. Weather was perfect, light to medium breeze and sparkling blue skies. Play moved along ok, and company was fantastic. What better way to spend a day in Pattaya.
Some good scores today, especially on the back nine. Bjorn from Sweden came back today, nice fellow, and considering he hasn’t played in 3 months, with his new clubs just purchased from Central Shopping Mall, he swung the club beautifully, but as we all know, sometimes that doesn’t equate to a great score.
Paul took the top spot again today with 82 gross, 46 on the front and 36 on the back, lipping out for a few more birdies. Rocky had a good back nine as well 44. Well played.

Paul Blackshaw (hcp 11) Gross 82, stableford 37 points
Rocky Jenks (hcp 17) Gross 92, stableford 33 points
Thursday we are off to Green Valley.
Next week being Christmas week, we will play Emerald on Tuesday 24th, then see how the hangovers far for Boxing Day The 26th.
Happy Golfing.

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