I-rovers Golf 04/07

Thursday 4th July, 2013
Burapha C & D, white tees.

Independence day. No sign of our usual American players so they must have been celebrating. But the English guys were in full swing.

You’ve got to love Burapha, I know I do. Long links style course, wide fairways for those of us that occasionally spray the ball, and usually lightening fast greens. Burapha once again did not disappoint.

Next time you play there, have a look at the view from D7, short 0ar 4 uphill, but turn around and you see all of Pattaya in it’s glory in the distance. Truly breathtaking.

Some good golf was played yesterday in windy conditions. Well played to Mark and Leigh who both had 40 points. Both guys games are coming along nicely and really starting to strike the ball well. Leigh in particular under some instruction has gained length and improved control from the tee.

Honorable mention to Phil, played well after a long layoff, but chipping from 60 yards out over a bunker and deep rough with a putter. His caddie left a little bit to be desired and left him with the wrong club on more than one occasion. “Don’t worry, I’ll use this”. Hits down on the ball with his putter, pops about 10 feet in the air over the rough and bunker lands on the fringe. Gob smacked, haha.

Thanks for a good day boys, always a pleasure.

Leigh Paxton (Hcp 33) gross 102, 40 points
Mark Ward (Hcp 25) Gross 93, 40 points
Paul Blackshaw (Hcp 14) Gross 84, 38 points

Navy golf course on Tuesday 9th July. Ring for details.

Happy golfing.

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