I-rovers 23/07

Emerald Golf Course 23rd July, 2013
White tees, stableford

Golf on a Buddha Day.

Is there anything better to do on a Buddha day here in paradise, no alcohol, most of the bars are shut. So off we go to Emerald golf course.
Small group again, but that just means fast golf, well under 4 hours again. We turned up slightly early, no one to be seen. So we were able to tee off early. Holiday pricing but still good value at Emerald.

Emerald currently have a lot of GUR around the course, probably to be expected in low wet season. Didn’t affect us though and overall the course was in good condition.

We welcomed back my mate Barry from Ireland. Claims to be off 17 hcp at home. Hits the ball a mile, can move it both ways. He actually hit a tree off the tee on the 18th. We look at the ball, I thought it was sitting down abit, but 17 hcp Barry said I can get a wood onto that. The only time for most of the day we had to wait for our second shot…….Barry pipes up, “nah, give me the driver”. I’m thinking, duff for sure, sitting down in the thick Emerald grass off the fairway. I grabbed the camera and started to video. Check our facebook site www.facebook.com/i-roversgolf for the video.

Anyway, good swing smack, straight down the middle. Without talking him up, I’d say 280+ yards. 17 hcp, sure? Haha great shot mate.

Big Phil goes home at the end of the week and he is just starting to find his form. 35 points including a few brain snaps. Well played.

Results for the day:
1st place: Barry Gosson 17 hcp????? Gross 86 – 39 points
2nd place: Paul Blackshaw 12 hcp Gross 82 – 39 points
3rd place: Phil McClure 27 hcp Gross 102 – 35 points

Well played boys.

Burapha on Thursday, at the moment my favourite course. Ring 0871 895 250 for details.

I-rovers golf is a fairly new golf society. What I wanted to do was to provide a game of golf at a reasonable price, without the pressure or problems that real competitive golf can bring. We want to have fun, enjoy ourselves, play to the rules and hopefully play some good golf, but I don’t want the tension that can come with real serious competition. I want to play to the best of my ability everyday, but above all else I want to have fun. We have regular single figure markers up to the highest handicap allowed.

We charge for transport if required. You pay the golf course direct. And that’s it. We don’t make any money ourselves, just for the game. Hopefully, you’ll come and have breakfast at the bar before the game and enjoy the comradery afterwards with a few beers while we relive the days events.
So if your interested in a game, that’s fun, easy going, enjoys celebrating a good shot but maybe more so enjoys a bit of friendly banter and sledging around the course, come on along. Contact our facebook, mentioned above or call into the bar for bookings.
Happy golfing

Please click here for photos.

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