I-rovers 22/08

Emerald 22nd August, 2013
White tees


I love Emerald. The fairways at the moment are still not perfect, but they are working on them and a lot of the new turf they have laid is now kicking in.

Arrived early to find no one on the course, perfect. We managed to have all our groups away well before the scheduled tee off time. Overcast skies but fortunately no rain. Speed of play was good until the last 4 holes when we were caught behind a group of lady golfers, no problem.

Today we welcomed Dave hcp 9 and Bjorn hcp 20. Both guys first time players and were very friendly and seemed to enjoy the day. Well played Dave 83 gross not too bad being a bit rusty. We also welcomed back Mark hcp 19 from his stint at work. Good to have you back matey and bad luck we are not talking just about your shot, (more to come on that).

Ok, let’s talk about Avram. Avram Avram Avram. Happy now. My mate from Australia, doesn’t play golf at home and just has a holiday hit with me. Setting the scene….8th hole at Emerald, par 4 363 yards with water left off the tee and a large water carry in front of the green. We all hit off, Mark pulls it left, Avram follows but short of the water, Gary and myself are down the middle a bit further down. I’m watching waiting for my turn to play, Mark hits first, about 180 yards out, not sure what club he hit, beautiful flight, shape looks real good, Gary says “this will be good”, one bounce hits the flag stick from 180 yards. Cheers, well played. Up steps young Avram, 175 yards out, 3 wood in hand, smack, great flight, shape, I said to Gary “watch this one, it looks even better”, one bounce into the hole ……..EAGLE. loud roars form the gallery, well me and Gary anyway. Great shot mate.
For a non golfer, this guy has a hole in one on the light house hole at Navy and now an Eagle at Emerald. He didn’t want to play anymore on this trip, but later was heard to say, “Think I might play on Tuesday” haha, so you should.

Overall low score of the day was Dave 83 gross followed closely by Paul with a 84 gross. Well played.

19th hole yesterday was at The Camel Pub for a feed and a few drinks with the locals afterwards in the surrounding bars. Everyone stayed and had a few drinks and a bit of a laugh. Thanks boys, great day yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed the company of everyone that attended.

Pleasant Valley on Tuesday, leaving the bar at 9.00am. Contact me for details.

Happy golfing

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