I-rovers 16/07

Greenwood 16th July, 2013
A & C Courses Stroke play

Ok, off we go to Greenwood. Leave the bar about 8.40am for a 10.12am tee off. Only a small group today, some transport issues, but a good day had by all.

Course is in the usual good condition. Greens have been sanded recently, but still running fairly fast and true. Fairways were in good condition. Ominous signs as the black clouds circled, but other than one hole, when it really came down, the rain stayed away.

Being a sports day. Around the 10.00am mark, they had a few groups to get off. Quick word with the Marshall, and off we go to the C course first.

Didn’t spot another player all day. So a fairly quick round of about 3 hours 45minutes. Great considering some big numbers today.

Everyone had a few good shots today, but special mention goes to Rocky. This is his fourth game with us and starting to find his form. Completely different player to that first day with the nerves. Rocky played really well today, and I can see the golfer inside starting to emerge. Well done mate.

I’m only guessing, but Greenwood must have 60 plus bunkers. Well done Leigh, 58/60 bunkers is not too bad. Keep up the good work, next game 60/60 is achievable, haha.

Already got a good few booked in for Thursday, Green Valley. Lucky us, because it’s another one of Pattaya’s great courses. Still spots available, so if your interested, please contact Paul on Ph: 0871 895 250

Happy golfing

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