I-rovers 15/10

15th October, 2013
Emerald Golf Course
White tees.

I’m always excited when we go to Emerald. It’s not just the course that we’ve all played many times and love the layout. It’s the whole day. The course, our normal tradition is to stop at the 18th hole drink stop for a beer after the game, that can last from 30 minutes to 3 hours (oops) or the occasional visit after the game to the local bars starting at the Camel for a bonding session after a hard day at the course.

Yesterday was no exception, a good day at the course with some good golf played, then an excellent bonding session afterwards.

We had a good turnout yesterday welcoming back some friends and also welcoming some new players. Nice to see Dave from Adelaide, Andy (Beeper) from Darwin, Rob and Neil from England, Rod (the frog) and Peter from Sydney along with the regulars. Welcome all and thanks for a great day.

With the recent weather, the course was a little bit soggy underfoot. Fairways were uncut and the rough was long, making good scoring a little harder than normal. We arrived early and were about to get all groups away 15 minutes before we were supposed to start teeing off. No one in front of us made it fairly quick.

Two of the Aussie lads, no name mention Frog and Peter (oops), were only able to complete nine holes as the humidity, lack of acclimatising, lack of sleep and not to mention the excess alcohol started to take affect. Common boys, try and show some more mettle than the Aussie cricket team and stick in there. Mty rating, two ducks in cricket terminology. Although Peter did manage a par on the 7th and about 12 lost balls in nine holes. Impressive from a self proclaimed scratch marker, haha

Some good golf was played today with Neil claiming one trophy for the most balls lost, 13 balls lost in an impressive score of 136. Stick with it, we all have bad days mate, and being a fairly new player, it’s going to happen from time to time.

Special mention to Rob (Ned Kelly) from Wales, probably over handicapped by 10 shots managed to take the prize again in the first group. I had a few offers of bribs after the game of to make sure he was handicapped quickly. Keep on putting those cards in Rob and we will catch up with you soon. ;-)
Overall stable winner today was Rob, well played.


Rob Pritchard (hcp 29) gross 98 stableford 38 points
Paul Blackshaw (hcp 10) gross 85 stableford 33 points
Rob Taylor (hcp 8) gross 87 stableford 29 points

No golf tomorrow unfortunately because of the cyclonic rain we are having. So the next game is Tuesday 22nd at Green Valley. All welcome, contact the bar or Paul on 087 189 5250 for details.

Happy golfing

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