I-rovers 15/08

Thursday, 15th August, 2013
Green Valley white tees

Green Valley today. Great course and always a pleasure to play. Small group today, which included a few hangovers (I was one of those).

We welcomed back my mate Allan (Avram) Riddell to Pattaya, his the reason for the hangover) and he played his first game of golf in 3 months with us today. As you would expect a little bit rusty but overall played very well, especially the back nine.

A very quick round today. We arrived a little early, even though they were booked solid, we still got off 20 minutes early. Had a good run until we got stuck behind 3 Thai players walking. They seemed to take an eternity to play, 5 or 6 pratice swings, replaying every putt on the greens. What can you do? Even allowing for that, we finished under 4 hours. So pleasantly surprised.

No really great scores today, I think the hangovers were well and truly affecting the results. “Where’s Bruce” played solid, Gary had plenty of good holes but a few not so good. Avram played really solid considering his layoff.

“Where’s Bruce” moment of the day…..That group later told me they were waiting on the 16th tee box to hit. “Where’s Bruce” was lazer sighting the distance, after a good 5-10 minutes of taking yardages, “Where’s Bruce” pipes up, I thought the white tees were always in front of the blue tees!” His playing partners look around to see “Where’s Bruce” lazer sighting the wrong way on the tee box, back over a plowed field to a previous hole. Classic “Where’s Bruce” moment. “Where’s Bruce” is in town for another month, so look forward to future Tales.

Laem Chabang on Tuesday. Still have spots available if anyone is interested.

Happy golfing.

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