I-Rovers 13/08

Tuesday, 13th August, 2013
Greenwood A&C Course white tees Stableford.

Greenwood today at Sports day prices. Cheap cheap cheap and a good course to boot.
Left the bar at 9.00am with a new bus driver. Great service, good bus, comfortable and a good safe driver. I think I’ve found a new regular driver.
Greenwood is in lovely condition at the moment. Lush fairways, greens are running true, (with the occasional grub patch on greens), overall a great layout.
Quiet today so we were able to get off early. Only a small group today, but that mean good quick golf. Given that we had a few rain delays and waited out the lightening a couple of times, overall still a quick round.
Some good scores in today considering the weather. We welcomed Geri to the I-rovers golf today. He is a regular drinker at the bar but normally plays with another society. Well played Geri 35 points today was a good score.
Our low marker of the group, Gary, hcp 10, well played. Gary has only just joined the Pattaya Golf Society (PSC), so in the process of getting his handicap. His usually plays of 18 hcp, but managed a birthday round at Navy the other week and his new official handicap is 10.1, haha. Don’t worry mate, you’ll be back to 18 soon, I’ve seen your swing. ;-)
A couple of our other regulars, Rocky and John are really starting to improve. Some consistency started to come to your games, keep on going boys, your playing well.
Lastly, thank god we found Bruce. Our American friend, really nice guy, but after a few cans his out on his own. After the round, everyone is waiting for Bruce before we board the bus, “where is he? “ looking everywhere, his in the restaurant topping up on the beers again. We get back to Pattaya Klang, drop two guys off on the way back to the bar, Bruce pipes up “I’ve got to use the toilet”, jumps off the bus and disappears, yelling back “go without me!” Leaves his bag, clubs everything, just jumps off the bus and runs into a local business begging to use the toilet. He did make it back eventually to collect his belongings.
Thanks to everyone that played today. A really enjoyable day.


Paul Hcp 11 – 83 gross 36 points
Geri Hcp 26 – 100 gross 35 points
Bruce Hcp 16 – 89 gross 35 points
Green Valley on Thursday. 10.30am tee off. Contact me for details.
Happy Golfing

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