I-rovers 08/08

Thursday, 8th August, 2013
Burapha A& B Course white tees

Our relatively new golf bar is starting to grow in numbers. Everyone that plays with us has told me, we are the cheapest around and the most fun. Not a bad recommendation. And if they are still here in town, every single one of them has come back for more games. Thanks guys.

Burapha today, one of my favourites. Don’t know why, lately I’ve been playing rubbish there but still enjoy the course. Lush fairways, good fast true greens and deep light rough. What more could a hacker ask for?

We were joined today by John (hcp 23) from Scotland and and Matt (hcp 0) from Australia. Thanks guys, I try and play with all newcomers and both of you lads were good fun to play with. It was a pleasure to play and watch Matt especially, scratch marker, he is the lowest handicapper we have had play with us so far and a real student of the game. Easy swing, hits it a mile and throws darts at the flag all day long for his second shot. (Don’t know if he’ll be welcome back because his better than me, haha) Well played today. If you had a caddie that was helping you, I think you would have shot sub-par for sure. (His caddie had worked for one week I think and was scared to move, never talked).

Gary continues his run of good scores. Surprisingly, your starting to look like a real golfer……..cut that out.

Henry took the prizes in his group, beating the two boys from Adelaide. I little bit suspicious, I think, got Charley well and truly drunk last night and infected Dave with some rare tropical disease so he couldn’t play well, then he said, let’s make it interesting. We are watching you!!!!!!

Good day today, nice weather, good course and great company. All the boys came back to the bar for a few drinks after, good to see, thanks guys.

Results: (of mention anyway)

Matthew Rose (hcp 0) gross 74
Gary Bolger (hcp somewhere between 11-18, think it depends which way the wind is blowing) gross 89

And then many others have asked me not to mention scores, including myself J Greenwood on Tuesday, leaving Bar at 9.00am. Contact me for details, still spaces available.

Happy Golfing

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