I-rovers 05/09

Phutaluang (Royal Navy) Golf Course 5th September, 2013

East and West course White tees, stroke play

Back to Navy on Thursday, cheap, cheerful and seriously must have the best caddies in Pattaya.

The Navy course had a competition on Wednesday, I think they played North and West courses, so the condition of the West course was superb, fast greens (really, I can’t believe it either, fast greens at Navy) fairways were great. The East course was not as good, but still in tip top shape for Navy.

Medium size group of players today, we got off on time. Course was a little busy today because they were coring the greens on the North Course, but we still moved along at a good pace.

A couple of good scores today with Ray the overall winner (hcp 13) hitting 87 gross. Closely followed by Mark, Bruce and Gary.

My group at times looked like they we were playing with earth moving equipment more so than golf clubs. Never seen so much sand move around the place. An example of this was Dave was in a bunker on one hole, thinned it out in to the bunker on the other side of the green, another duff, another duff, he than comments that he doesn’t like this bunker, so what does he do, blades it back into the first bunker, haha. Followed up by a shank to get out of that first bunker. Well played mate, I couldn’t stop laughing. I think we had the 3 worst chippers in Pattaya in the same group, don’t worry, I count myself in that distinguished group.

Welcomed back Henry today, good to have you back again mate. We also say farewell to a few regulars today. Last game for a while for Gary off to Australia, Mark back off to work, Bjorn off to Bangkok before returning home. Thanks for the good times boys and see you all again when you get back.


Ray Ward (hcp 13) 74 Net
Mark Ward (hcp 20) 75 Net
Bruce Minasota (hcp 16) 76 Net

Everyone of our players today commented on what fun we had at Navy with the caddies. Just a good laugh all day, thanks girls for laughing with us. See you soon.

We are playing Phoenix on Tuesday 10th. Leaving the bar at 9.15am, places still available. Contact Paul for details.
Happy golfing




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