The Growling Swan 8 January


CINDY LAUPER’S True Colours and Flagrant Elbows

Thursday 8am brought 33 golfers at the ready for the Growling Swan venture to Crystal Bay. Greetings were handed out to Allan Kirby Western Australia, Michael Fogarty (NZ) and Del Pastro Tiziano (Venice, Italy). Fond farewells were later given to Nolan Wise and Volker Buley who will shore up their shekels for their next assault on Pattaya golf courses.

The weather was sultry perfect and the compulsory sledging commenced early on the buses. We played C and A Nines in that order (A nine was used for the count-back). The course was in good nick and held its own against some willing combatants.

Sandy Leiper started with a bang, a ferreted 3 for 5 and followed it up with a lazy 4 for 4, whilst Karen Sharratt’s protege’ Frankie was attempting to arrest his flying elbow.

In A Grade, John Davis snaffled a solid win on a count back from Croweater David Marshall and Hawker Schembri just one back.
Mark Stapleton’s many hours of practice in the dark came unstuck against Andrew Allen ‘the man with two first names’ and Del Pastro Tiziano was just one point adrift.

Sandy Leiper’s amazing short game imagination saw him enjoy the round of the day and hold off a stoic Niall Stuart, whilst Russell Calcutt out-sledged Nolan Wise.

A Grade (0 – 18hcp)
1st John Davis (15) 37pts
2nd David Marshall (18) 37pts
3rd Jayson Schembri (18) 36 pts
4th Kae (16) 34pts

B Grade (19 – 29hcp)
1st Andrew Allen (29) 38pts
2nd Del Pastro Tiziano (26) 37pts
3rd Mark Stapleton (21) 37pts
4th Michel Catillon (19) 36pts

C Grade (30 +)
1st Sandy Leiper (33) 40pts
2nd Niall Stuart (36) 38pts
3rd Russell Calcutt (34) 28pts
4th Nolan Wise (36) 27pts

A5 Fred Dineley
A8, C4, C7 Kevin Waycott
Long Putt: A9 Alan Taddei, C9 Frankie Sharratt

Compass Cap: Michael Zip Fogarty

Deefa (our charity collector dog) was delighted to receive many donations and the players are thanked for their continued generosity.
It was back at ‘The Swan’ where, as always, cold beers were joined by tall tales and true. As Frankie slipped away into the night, he was still wondering whether his elbow was flagrant or fragrant.

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