Growling Swan 7/05


Khao Kheow – 7th MAY, 2015


Colourful Wayco on Muncher’s birthday!

Thursday brought 16 golfers at the ready for the Growling Swan venture to Khao Kheow, a favourite of many golfers in Pattaya. Greetings were handed out to Ernie Picken (Melbourne) and Peter Bye was farewelled later over several frothies. Digger devo, Muncher celebrated his birthday in fine style back at the bar. “Happy birthday Muncher!”

The weather was sultry and the compulsory sledging commenced early. In the locker room Andrew Allen and Peter Grey were discussing body fat levels and the vagaries of pre-game measuring of skin folds using bbq tongs. Kev Waycott was scolded for rocking up looking like he was dressed by either Ken Done or Bob Down and Mark Viper fronted looking like he had something more than dinner the night before..

We played C and B Nines in that order. The course was in good nick, however, after recent sanding, the greens played unusually slow.

On the front nine, our low marker, Sal Brizzi was playing so well it looked like he could use a door snake to hit the ball, however as the match unfolded, his putter became a door snake. Unfortunately for John Anderson, he succumbed to some outstanding sledging by the usual suspects.

Kev Waycott returned to some semblance of form to snaffle top spot with 37 pts to pip Sal on 36 pts. Mike Gosden (33 pts) played his usual steady golf but was unlucky to be stiffed on a countback by the consistent David Deire.

A fantastic gesture by a near pin winner was followed suit by all other novelty (near pins and longest one putt) winners. The result being, all novelty prize money was donated to Deefa (GS charity collector dog).

The players are thanked for their continued generosity. Well done indeed!


1st Kevin Waycott (10) 37pts

2nd Sal Brizzi (6) 36pts

3rd Alex Field (17) 35 pts

4th David Deire (18) 33pts

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