The Growling Swan 29/1

MONTHLY MUG- Treasure Hill

Dave Fletcher ….. doin’ the Crocodile Rock!
Stroke events always create much excitement and so it was as 28 starters gathered at The Growling Swan in readiness for our Monthly Mug Stroke event at Treasure Hill. Gary Monley was the centre of attention as he presented at ‘The Swan’ with some bark off. It seems he was golfing a few days prior when his aspirations and ambitions became muddled and his ball struck an adjacent concrete wall and ricocheted onto his eyebrow for a 2 stroke penalty.

Greetings were extended to Paul Hack, Pat Kavanagh, Dave Fletcher,Paul Sharples and Peter Bye.
The affectionately named ‘Crocodile Rock’, Par 5 16th was, as usual, the subject of much discussion on the bus. With the large concrete reptile perched atop, smiling at golfers as they wander by; some scribes say it’s the most difficult hole in Pattaya. Well, today, only John Davis parred it (with a 1 putt) and there were several ‘mooses’. (10 or more)
As per recent weeks, the weather was ‘beaut’, the greens were ‘beaut’, and off the yellow tees, the course played difficult, but then again, aren’t they all!

Bill Steinman, Kev Waycott and a few others were looking for trees to hang from after 9 holes, but the giant monitor lizard wandering nonchanantly across the fairway with his ‘mai pen rai’ attitude put things in perspective.
In a condensed finish, count-backs were required to sort the winners. Dave Fletcher made a comeback bigger than a forey to edge out Sal Brizzi. ‘Mr Consistent’ Gary Monley slotted 3rd spot, whilst the wiley Don Richardson stormed home to eke out 5th place. The coveted Compass Cap and brand new ball were awarded to Irish Steve.

Monthly Mug Winner: Dave Fletcher (32) Nett 73
2nd Sal Brizzi (7) Nett 73
3rd Gary Monley (28) Nett 74
4th Patrick Poussier (24) Nett 75
5th Don Richardson (13) Nett 76
6th Lindsay Slender (26) Nett 76
7th Fred Dinely (23) Nett Nett 77

2nd Bob Akapita
6th JJ Harney
13th & 17th Mike Gosden

Long Putt:
9th Deefa via Peter Grey
18th Patrick Poussier

Compass Cap: Irish Steve

Charity Snoop Dog, Deefa snaffled many donations and the players are thanked for their continued contributions to assist the needy children of Pattaya.

Back at ‘The Swan’ it was more bonding over dinner and icey cold cleansing refreshments until the bilges were full. We welcome all golfers to join us at Pleasant Valley on Monday and Treasure Hill next Thursday.
One again mine host Peter Grey is thanked for his continued support of the Monthly Mug and the spread afterwards.

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