Growling Swan 28/03

Thursday, 28th March – Bangpra – 10th Monthly Mug – Stroke

Young Toddy Wins His First Monthly Mug!

We had a Growling Swan record attendance of 37 on the previous Thursday which was well and truly “smashed” on this day with 47 golfers showing up for a stroke round to compete for the tenth Monthly Mug at the ever popular Bangpra Golf Course. We handed out hearty welcomes to my very good friend Dr Brian Vale and Wayne Harman, both from my old Golf Club, Gosnells in Perth, Western Australia. Also Tony Campbell, Mick Wilks, Beau Roberts, Jim Smyth & Peter Long from Melbourne and Fred Dineley returning after 5 weeks in Perth. We also said farewell to Aaron Shorten who will shortly be returning to Brisbane. With the big turnout four mini vans were necessary in addition to several cars and we departed the GS a couple of minutes ahead of schedule at 8.27 am and headed off on No. 7 on a beautiful Pattaya morning. In just 43 minutes we were at the golf course and as it was not busy we had time for a putt or two and still managed to send our first four ball away 10 minutes ahead of schedule at 9.50 am. After reminding everyone that it was a stroke round ( many groans were heard from the Growling Swan Delinquents) we proceeded at a very good pace whilst enjoying the fine condition of the course and as usual tentatively putting on the notoriously slick Bangpra greens. There was a certain amount of inconsistency in speed from green to green which did make for several three putts (poor Anna) but it did not detract from the pleasure of playing this golf course once again after several months absence. Two hours was all it took to play the front nine even though it was very hot and this good pace was maintained on the back nine enabling us to complete the round in four hours and five minutes which is excellent for a stroke round on this course.

In addition to the Monthly Mug Winner we were able to have 3 Grades for the very first time with six podium spots in each. A Grade was for handicaps 0 to 14, B Grade for 15 to 23 and C Grade for 24 and over. We had nearest the pins on all the par threes and longest first putts on the 9th & 18th greens.

After deciding to get some practice on the course the previous day there was an improvement of 15 shots by Brad “Bad” Todd as he won his first Growling Swan Monthly Mug with a fine net 70. In A Grade the winner on a count back was Takeshi Hakozaki (net 36 back nine) with Wanta Dacha (net 38 back nine) in second place, both having net 71’s. Another count back saw Mike “Hunter” Gosden (net 37 back nine & net 23 on the last 6 holes) take third spot from Mike Allidi (net 37 back nine & net 26 on the last 6 holes) in fourth place with both having net 75. In fifth place came Martin Todd with a net 76 and your writer, Peter Blackburn rounded off the podium with a net 79. The consistent Ebrahim won the B Grade with a net 73 with Thientong Charoenrung finishing second with net 77. With 3 golfers on net 79 another count back was required which resulted in Rita Zoebelli (net 37 back nine) finishing third from Jayson Schembri (net 39 back nine) in fourth place and Walter “Mr Colours” Baechli (net 40 back nine) was fifth. Peter Bye finished in sixth place with a net 80. C Grade was easily won by Patrick Poussier with a fine net 70 with Andrew “Turtle” Allen finishing second on Net 80. Dave Neal was third with net 81, Ken Cornwall fourth with net 82, Max “Corsets” Bracegirdle fifth on net 84 and Fred Dineley sixth with a net 86.

Results for Bangpra:

Monthly Mug Winner – Brad Todd (18) – net 70

A Grade – 0 to 14
1st – Takeshi Hakozaki (12) – net 71
2nd –Wanta Dacha (9) – net 71
3rd – Mike Gosden (12) – net 75
4th – Mike Allidi (2) – net 75
5th – Martin Todd (9) – net 76
6th – Peter Blackburn (11) – net 79

B Grade – 15 to 23
1st – Ebrahim (16) – net 73
2nd – Thientong Charoenrung (20) – net 77
3rd – Rita Zoebelli (23) – net 79
4th – Jayson Schembri (18) – net 79
5th – Walter Baechli (18) – net 79
6th – Peter Bye (16) – net 80

C Grade – 24 and over
1st – Patrick Poussier (30) – net 70
2nd – Andrew Allen (36) – net 80
3rd – Dave Neal (24) – net 81
4th – Ken Cornwall (36) – net 82
5th – Max Bracegirdle (26) – net 84
6th – Fred Dineley (27) – net 86

2nd – Paul Hack
8th – Mike Allidi
12th – Mike Gosden
17th – Rita Zoebelli

9th – Mick Wilks
18th – Shane Young

As is always the case on Monthly Mug day we headed back to the Bar for presentations and whilst addressing the very big crowd assembled there proceedings commenced with many thanks to Mine Host Peter Grey for sponsoring this monthly event and also providing the delicious chicken supper which was as ever appreciated by all. The Growling Swan NAGA Award, (awarded to the golfer who has the worst score on the day and discreetly their score is not made public) was won by the man himself, Peter Grey who humbly accepted the honour and wore the cap “gleefully” and I promised not to mention that some “cheeky” person, recently arrived from Melbourne did suggest that we change the colour of the cap to grey! Most unkind I thought so it won’t be mentioned. Martin Todd took Deefa for the usual walk and collected many donations for the needy in Pattaya from our ever generous Growling Swan golfers. Our golf days are just getting bigger and better and I thanked all for their support and a quick look at the Starting Sheets for the following week indicated more great days ahead.

Growling Swan Golf, the home of friendly golf in Pattaya welcomes golfers of any persuasion – low & high handicappers alike, female golfers and beginners. We generally play Mondays & Thursdays, meeting at The Growling Swan (formerly The Bunker Bar) in Soi Chaiyapoon at 8.00 am with transport departing at 8.30 am. For bookings or more information please contact Peter on 0806 351 386 or email to

Brad Todd receives the Monthly Mug from Peter Grey

Brad Todd receives the Monthly Mug from Peter Grey

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