The Growling Swan 25/06

Greenwood – 25th June, 2015
Happy Holcombe ….. the wet track specialist!
They came out of the woodwork for the Growling Swan Monthly Mug tournament as 3 buses headed out to the popular Greenwood GC. Warm welcomes were extended to Don Richardson, Jim Yulle, Alan Ray, Eric Black, Neil Herd, Mike Quill and Scotty Baumgarten.
On the buses, the Geraldtonians, after two somewhat heavy nights, slept all the way and woke with a start on hearing that today’s game was stroke. On the way, the rain gods were angry and we waited for some 20 minutes after arrival for the rain to abate. After the first group teed off, never a drop of rain was seen again. A perfect day!
Greenwood; ever so popular with the green fee rates and course condition, however, for the first time in this scribes memory, the usually perfect greens were suffering badly from some mystery affliction. Though they putted reasonably well, they looked to have some disease. Let’s hope they are fixed sometime soon!
On a day when conditions weren’t easy, Mark Holcombe proved to be a wet track specialist to eke out his first Monthly Mug win. After a few months perfecting his wrist cock in Geelong, Eric Black made a fine comeback to snare A Grade. Lindsay Slender’s (B Grade winner) performance pleased his new swing coach, Kev Waycott.
Bent Agerbo continued his good recent form and Scott Baumgarten awoke from his slumber to glean a podium finish.
Monthly Mug: Mark Holcombe (12) 68 Nett
A Grade
1st Mark Holcombe (12) 68 Nett
2nd Eric Black (15) 69 Nett
3rd Bent Agerbo (19) 71 Nett
4th Martin Kempton (13) 73 Nett

B Grade
1st Lindsay Slender (24) 71 Nett
2nd Geri Crilly (28) 73 Nett
3rd Scott Baumgarten (27) 74 Nett
4th Patrick Poussier (23) 79 Nett

A2 Martin Kempton
A6 Bent Agerbo
B2 Sal Brizzi
B5 Bent Agerbo
Longest Putt:
9 Martin Kempton
18 Chris Jaconovic

In the Photo from L to R; Lindsey Slender & Mark Holcombe.

Back at the Growling Swan, charity dog ‘Deefa’ gratefully received significant donations from many and they are thanked for their continued contributions. All ‘Deefa’ donations go to the PSC to be directed to projects to assist the needy children of Pattaya.
After 2 nights of fortune telling and palm reading, Mike Quill’s sharp wit was on full display. Mike was having difficulty explaining to the waitress about his inability to tip. He told her, “His family was so poor, that if he wasn’t born a boy, he wouldn’t have had anything to play with.”
For some serious golf with a dash of fun, come on down to The Growling Swan on Mondays and Thursdays!

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