Growling Swan 23/03


Plutaluang  – 23rd March 2015

Judge and The Colonel cruising at Navy

The Drut

Twenty seven golfers today faced the challenge to their skill, intestinal fortitude and disseminating perseverance.

Pre game comments included Fletch remarking that his game was about as enthralling as the thought of Jerry Lewis playing the lead in a live stage performance of Macbeth.

We welcomed David Fletcher, Peter Bailey, Simon Niven from Australia and Gordon Uvanile from Canada.

Playing the East and South nines from the white tees the greens were found to be very slow despite being cut and provided as much pleasure as sitting through the complete Aussie soap series Home and Away.

In the A grade Eric Black was as busy as a one armed man on the spotlight at a Pink Floyd concert in compiling thirty six points to relegate Mike Gosden to second place on the same score.

Third was Gordon Uvanile and Frank Riley rounded out the podium with both players scoring thirty three points.

Alan Sanders stood atop the B grade with thirty five points whilst the fast finishing Patrick Poussier, Jerry Dobbs and Max Bracegirdle all on thirty three completed the set.

Results for Plutaluang

A grade 0 – 20

1st Eric Black (15) 36 pts

2nd Mike Gosden (16) 36 pts

3rd Gordon Uvanile (13) 33 pts

4th Frank Riley (17) 33 pts

B grade 21+

1st Alan Sanders (25) 35 pts

2nd Patrick Poussier (24) 33 pts

3rd Jerry Dobbs (23) 33 pts

4th Max Bracegirdle (24) 33 pts

Near pins went to John Anderson on the second and fifth, John Coetzee the thirteenth and Frank Riley the sixteenth.

Long first putts were won by Simon Niven on the ninth and Jim Carlson on the eighteenth.

The Coveted Compass Cap was won by Peter Grey who was of the opinion his game was as palatable as devouring a triple deck strawberry cream cake with a sardine topping.

Deefa was the happy recipient of many donations for the needy children of Pattaya and the golfers are thanked for their generosity.

The GS is a friendly golf outlet and caters for and encourages all golfers male and female to have a hit at any of our weekly outings. We generally play Mondays and Thursdays at one of the many fine golf courses in and around Pattaya. Please contact Peter Grey if you are interested on 0861 503086.


The Growling Swan also caters to the bowls enthusiasts. Bus transport departs the GS on Wednesdays at 10 AM to play at Cocos on undercover synthetic greens and on Sundays at the same time for open grass bowling at The Retreat. Please contact Paul Rennison on 0843 454005 if you wish to partake. The cost including return bus transport, bowling fees and a hot lunch is less than 400 baht so great value for a day out.

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