Growling Swan 20/03

Thursday, 20th March – Green Valley  – Stableford

Wayco, J.D & Rita Too Good!

Once again there was a very good response to the outing at Green Valley and after a late withdrawal I referred to our Waiting List and immediately found a replacement which brought us back to a full field of 32. With transport assistance from Mark & Alain we needed just 2 mini vans and as we assembled at The Growling Swan welcomes were handed out to Dr Karl Baeker from Germany and Simon Niven from Darwin, Australia. We departed the GS a couple of minutes early at 8.28 am and after a short 39 minute drive arrived at the golf course just 39 minutes later to find things reasonably quiet there. After a quick check in we rocked up at the first tee and with a group having hit off a couple of minutes earlier we were invited to commence, which we did and sent our first of eight four balls away 5 minutes ahead of our booked time of 9.43 am. The weather was once again hot with a bit of wind and the golf course as usual in terrific shape with the lush fairways and beautifully prepared greens. We did catch up with the golfers ahead a couple of times and had to wait a few minutes but all in all it was not a problem and our full round was completed in four hours & twenty minutes. It had been just another day in paradise with great company on a quality golf course. I must mention that with the absence of our Growling Swan “Delinquents” we were still able to have a very good field and no doubt the “Delinquents” will be back with us for the Monthly Mug next week.

We had 3 Divisions – Division A for handicaps 0 to 13, Division B for golfers on handicaps of 14 to 22 and Division C for handicaps of 23 & over with four places in each Division. There were also rewards for nearest the pin on the four par 3’s  and longest first putts on the 9th & 18th greens.

Division A was well won by Kevin “Wayco” Waycott with a terrific 42 points which is a great score on this track and with 2 golfers on 35 points a count back was required which resulted in Mashi Kaneta (17 point back nine) taking second spot from Frankie “Hollywood” Sharratt (16 point back nine) in third place. Paul “Hacky” Hack’s 34 points were enough for him to secure fourth place. In B Division it was the consistent John Davis who was the winner with a fine 37 points with another consistent golfer Mark “Westy” West in second spot. In third place came Thientong Charoenrung with 32 points and fourth place went to Alain “Inspector Clouseau” Taddei who had 31 points. Another fine score won Division C with Rita Zoebelli scoring 40 points, just 1 point ahead of another of our lady golfers Seesa Phompinmon who finished second. Veteran Jack Robertson came third with 33 points and J C Lhoste was third after scoring 31 points.

Results for Green Valley:  

Division A – 0 to 13

1st –    Kevin Waycott (10) – 42 points         

2nd – Mashi Kaneta (12) – 35 points

3rd – Frank Sharratt (13) – 35 points

4th – Paul Hack (13) – 34 points

Division B  – 14 to 22

1st – John Davis (15) – 37 points

2nd – Mark West (14) – 35 points

3rd – Thientong Charoenrung (19) – 32 points

4th – Alain Taddei (17) – 31 points

Division C – 23 and over

1st – Rita Zoebelli (24) – 40 points

2nd – Seesa Phompinmon (27) – 39 points

3rd – Jack Robertson (25) – 33 points

4th – J C Lhoste (23) – 31 points


4th – Don Richardson

9th – No-one Good Enough

12th – Seesa Phompinmon

16th – John Davis


9th   – Jack Robertson

18th – Dave Neal                                                                             

The Growling Swan NAGA Award, (awarded to the golfer who has the worst score on the day and discreetly their score is not made public) was won by John Anderson who accepted the award like the good sport that he is and wore the cap for quite some time while back at the bar. J C  then kindly paraded Deefa the Dog and of course collected many donations for the needy in Pattaya from our generous Growling Swan Golfers. Back at The Growling Swan there were quite a few of us enjoying the Aussie cold, low priced beers and we chatted on for quite a while as we relaxed after another great day out.

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