Growling Swan 16/10

Burapha GC – 16th October 2014 – Stableford

The Ego has Landed

Generally speaking and the scribe must be frank about it, has little trouble deciding the contents of a report.

Today was different as he felt a little bit like Elizabeth Taylor’s seventh husband on their wedding night.

Knows what to do just wonders how to make it interesting.

Playing the A & B nines from the white markers, the starter sent us on our way with a relish not dissimilar to well known entertainer Meatloaf when he has an uninpeded run at the party pie table.

The weather was pleasant and the course in good nick.

The greens were quicker than a Sumo wrestler slipping down a mud slide and the short rough which is usually thicker than mourners at brewer’s wake had been trimmed.

On the sixth tee Bob Akapita said to Mike Gosden “here’s a bag of onions to go with the tripe your playing” – he was correct.

At presentations Peter Grey welcomed Rudy Regenass from South Africa,Makito Homma from England and Ernie Picken who resides in Melbourne.

Peter Grey also mentioned Peter Blackburn was no longer involved at the Growling Swan,however thanked him for his efforts over the last two years and wished him well in his future endeavours.

One grade today which saw Walter Baechli score a fine forty two points to finish on top.

Second place went to Makito Homma on thirty eight,Andrew Allen thirty seven,Graham Rice thirty six and Sal Brizzi had thirty five.

The Queensland minister for Inland Fisheries and Rodent Control Bob Akapita, handed in thirty four points whilst John Davis and Ron Gillett both on thirty three rounded out the podium.

Results for Burapha

1st  Walter Baechli ( 17 ) 42 points

2nd  Makito Homma ( 17 ) 38 points

3rd  Andrew Allen ( 32 ) 37 points

4th  Graham Rice ( 12 )  36 points

5th  Sal Brizzi ( 6 ) 35 points

6th  Bob Akapita ( 16 ) 34 points

7th  John Davis ( 13 ) 33 points

8th  Ron Gillett ( 33 ) 33 points

Near pins went to Ernie Picken A3, Bob Akapita A6, Ron Gillett B3 and Makito Homma on B8.

Long putts saw Andrew Allen successful on A9 and Walter Baechli on B9 from a distance something akin to D.K.Lillee off the long run.

The NAGA award went to John Parkinson who was heard to comment, “I lurched all over the course like a tramp steamer in the Bay of Biscay during a severe storm”.

Deefa was paraded and the Growling Swan golfers dug deep to assist the needy children of Pattaya.

Drut Note – There are people who laugh about hair restoration yet believe in election promises.

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