The Growling Swan 15 January



Some stray cats were still heading home as 26 Growling Swan golfers were heading to Emerald last Thursday. Greetings were handed out to JJ Harney, Kurt Persson and Seesa. Also to Gerri Crilly who had recovered from his operation. Fond farewells were later given to Frankie and Karen Sharratt who are returning to Derby. Frankie’s New Year golf resolution is to hit less houses.

The weather was perfect with a gentle zephyr keeping tempers cool as the course certainly bared it’s claws. Only ‘Mr Consistent’ Gary Monley bettered his handicap and the general consensus was that the shoddy condition of the course presented was not good value for the price.

Mine host Peter Grey, always has an eventful day at golf and today he turned fifty shades greyer when he was soggy-arsed by a Hunter Gear sprinkler and then had to endure an agonizing wait to see if his maiden par 3 near-pin held up. ….. Onya Pete!

Sal ‘The Muz” Brizzi one-putted his way for a count-back win in A Grade beating JJ Harney whose fitness waned over the last few holes.
‘Mr Consistent’ finished six points clear of Seesa in B Grade, whilst the Coveted Compass Cap was gleaned by Alan Taylor who accepted the award ever so graciously.


A Grade (0 – 23hcp)
1st Sal Brizzi (7) 35pts
2nd JJ Harney (10) 35pts
3rd Kev Waycott (10) 33 pts
4th John Davis (15) 32pts

B Grade (23 plus hcp)
1st Gary Monley (29) 38pts
2nd Seesa (26) 32pts
3rd Kurt Persson (26) 31pts
4th Sandy Leiper (32) 31pts

5th John Davis
7th JJ Harney
13th Ebrahim
15th Peter Grey
Long Putt: 9 Seesa, 18 Jason Schembri

Compass Cap: Alan Taylor
Deefa (our charity collector dog) snaffled many donations and the players are thanked for their continued generosity. The donations go to the needy children of Pattaya.

Back at ‘The Swan’ Frankie and Karen were farewelled and Peter fended off suggestions of second opinions.

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