Growling Swan 12/02

Mountain Shadow – 11th February 2013 – Stableford

Kae’s game is ok.

Twenty four golfers gathered at the Growling Swan to take on the short but challenging Mountain Shadow course.
Hitting from the white markers the starter sent us on our way at 0950 hours.
The first group finished in four hours and twenty minutes.
The course was in excellent condition and the greens as usual tested the player’s ability to read them however they putted truly.
The weather was cloudy with a cooling breeze on the first nine.
It abated on the flipside, the breeze not the weather.
Martin Todd commented that this is his favourite course as the greens slope towards the bar.
Graham Buckingham who always sends us to the lexicon said to Mike Gosden on the sixteenth tee, “where are the onions “?
Mike asked “why “?
Graham responded “to go with the tripe you’re playing”.
Sadly Graham was correct.
The track is very testing and this was born out by the scores being lower than the nether regions on a sausage dog.
We welcomed Tony Scambler from Pattaya and Per Aschan from Sweden.
In the A grade Scot Eaton with thirty seven points showed the way from Tony Scambler on thirty six.
Don Richardson came in third with thirty five points whilst Per Aschan on thirty four rounded out the podium.
In the B grade Kae with thirty six points showed the way from Brad Todd with thirty five.
An interesting statistic was that Kae and Brad both had twenty two points on the back nine.
In third spot was Ed Stewart on thirty four whilst Jayson Schembri on thirty two finished fourth.

Results for Mountain Shadow.
A grade 0 – 17
1st Scot Eaton (5) 37
2nd Tony Scambler (8) 36
3rd Don Richardson (10) 35
4th Per Aschan (8) 34
B grade 18+
1st Kae (27) 36
2nd Brad Todd (18) 35
3rd Ed Stewart (18) 34
4th Jayson Schembri (18) 32
Near pins were won by John Harney on the fifth, Tony Scambler on the eighth, Scot Eaton on the fifteenth and Brad Todd on the seventeenth.
Long first putts saw Ebrahim on the ninth and Per Aschan on the eighteenth, successful.

The NAGA was won by Frank (Paco) Waterhouse who got away to a slow start, faded and reportedly was in more strife than Brick Bradford and Clutch Cargo combined
Paco indicated he couldn’t pick Michael Jordan out of a room full of pygmies let alone hand in a decent card.
We agreed.
Once again the players contributed a few shaekles to Deefa the dog for the needy children of Pattaya and they are thanked for their efforts.
Drutnote: The difference between Pattaya Beach and Jurassic Park is, one’s full of dinosaurs and the other one is a movie.

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