Growling Swan 12/02

Treasure Hill – 12th February, 2015

Sal and Sully ….. Bookends at Treasure Hill!

Twenty three of our regulars appeared at the Growling Swan in fine fettle, however Kev Waycott looked a tad bemused as he had accidently swallowed some Scrabble tiles the previous evening and was concerned his next ablution might spell disaster.
Warm welcomes were extended to Stu Rifkin (back from Oz), Peter Bass & Peter Longworth (Manly, Oz) and Vince O’Sullivan (mate of Gerri Crilly and Peter Grey). We were heading out to Treasure Hill GC, nicknamed ‘Crocodile Rock’ where we had played two weeks prior. The scorecard back then was (Crocodile 1 – Christians Nil) and to a man, we were determined to fare better on this challenge.
The weather and golf course were postcard perfect, greens superb and the course continues to be a pleasurable, but tough test for all and sundry ….. i.e. unless your name is Sal Brizzi. Today we had the good fortune to watch Sal display all his sublime golfing skills. His 43 pts represented a par 72 round and was a pleasure to watch.

As always, there were hard-luck stories. Peter Grey started out ‘optimistically’ and completed the day ‘misty optically’ after a mishap with his spectacles. Jason Schembri, also was having a tough time and mid-round, turned to his regular caddie and asked, “Do you notice any improvement in my game”? “Yes, you’ve had a haircut”, was the terse reply.
Only Sal and Alain Taddei (37 pts) bettered their handicaps whilst Rita Zoebeli continued her recent good form. Count-backs were required to sort the chasing pack and Stu Rifkin, after a 7 week hiatus, snuck onto the podium.
Vincent O’Sullivan completed the bookends and accepted the Compass Cap with grace.

1st Sal Brizzi (7) 43 pts
2nd Alain Taddei (18) 37 pts
3rd Gary Monley (27) 33 pts
4th John Anderson (27) 33 pts
5th Rita Zoebeli (23) 33 pts
6th Stu Rifkin (17) 29 pts

2nd Sal Brizzi
6th Sal Brizzi
13th Sal Brizzi
17th Deefa
Long Putt:
9th Peter Bass
18th Alan Sanders
Compass Cap: Vincent O’Sullivan

Resident hound Deefa gratefully received significant donations from the players and they are thanked for their continued contributions. All donations go to the PSC and then directed to projects assisting the needy children of Pattaya.
Back at ‘The Swan’ it was more bonding over icy cold frothies and Jason Schembri was fare-welled in fine style.
We look forward to any newcomers to join us for serious golf with a dash of fun on Mondays and Thursdays.

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