The Growling Swan 05/02

Stableford – Crystal Bay

Stapleton: Top of the Wozza!

“Achieving a certain level of success in golf is only important if you can finally enjoy the level you’ve reached after you’ve attained it!” Just another profound statement from Bob Akapita as 23 ‘Growlers’ headed to the picturesque Crystal Bay.
On the bus everyone seemed to be subdued mulling over Bob’s utterings, or ‘in the zone’ and focused on the task ahead. On arrival Jason Schembri came out with another cracker, “I just wish I could play my normal game ….. just once”!

Greetings were extended to Jeremy Dobbs, Russell Goldsworthy (Gosnells Golf Club Perth, Western Australia ) and J.C. Lhoste ( The French Connection ). On this perfect day c/w a cool breeze, we were allocated C & A nines ( A nine c/b ). This Hawaiian style course with its palm tree lined lush fairways and fair greens, was presented in tip-top condition and continues to be great value and enjoyment for all golfing outlets.
Unfortunately, the focusing on the bus seemed to fly out the window for some. Dobbsie was happy he wasn’t a market gardener as all his tomatoes would be coming up sliced and Jason Schembri knew the difference between a lost ball and the G Spot. He spent the full 5 minutes looking for his golf ball.

Mark Stapleton’s practice on the driving range continues to hold him in good stead and his 44 pts blitzed the field. The high handicappers had a day out with John Anderson on his bionic leg posting 41 pts to pip Rita Zoebelli and Sandy Leiper.
The Compass Cap was respectfully accepted by Ebrahim as he continues to endure a rough patch of form.

1st Mark Stapleton (21) 44 pts
2nd John Anderson (27) 41 pts
3rd Rita Zoebelli (23) 40 pts
4th Sandy Leiper (29) 40 pts
5th Gary Monley (28) 39 pts
6th Michael Catillon (18) 39 pts
7th Kevin Waycott (10) 38 pts

C4 Kevin Waycott
C7 John Davis
A5 John Anderson
A8 Jason Schembri

Long Putt: C9 John Anderson, A9 Peter Grey

Compass Cap: Ebrahim

Deefa (our charity collector mutt) arose from his slumber and snaffled many offerings and the players are thanked for their contributions to the needy children of Pattaya. Frivolities continued back at ‘The Swan’ and bon voyage was offered to Michel Catillon (off touring)
As the throng started to unfold, JJ Harney had obviously played too much golf. As he picked up his beer he marked its position with a 10 baht coin.
We look forward to any newcomers to join us for serious golf with a dash of fun on Mondays and Thursdays.

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