The Growling Swan 02/06

TREASURE HILL GC – 2nd June 2015

Rainbow on the Croc.


On the buses heading out to Treasure Hill, our golfers looked to ease the load on playing this difficult but great course.   With the weather being perfect the decision was made that we play   “A Rainbow Scramble” ie. normal 4 ball ambrose rules, but with a twist. You play 6 balls off the Blue Tees, 6 balls off the White Tees and 6 balls off the Red Tees.

What a great course for a “fun day”  With 2 par 5’s measuring over 600 yards off the Blue Tees, 2 par3’s over 200 yards, (1 at 252) and conversely a par 3 only 87 yards and a par 4 at 280 off the Reds. It took a lot of thought and discussion for each group to set their game plan.

Over lunch and post-game discussions it was unanimous that the concept was a winner and would be played again.

In addition we spiced up the novelties there was an added bonus if you got a near pin from the Blue Tees. Also we played near pin in 3 on the infamous Par 5, 16th. Kev Wacott’s team were a little stiff lipping a birdie putt on the 16th Crocosile Rock hole, from the Blue Tees. Ernie Pickens team were clever enough to sort themselves out and play the last 4 holes from the  Red Tees.


The A Team. Ebrahim Al-Ansari, Dave Fletcher, Ernie Picken & Tony Campbell.


Hole 2 Gerri Crilly (Red)

Hole 6 Zippo

Hole 13 Ebrahim (White)

Holes 16 & 17 Tony Campbell (Red)

Back at the bar we had the chance to give Tony Campbell a typical “Growling Swan Cold Frothy farewell), good luck Tony hope to see you soon. Geri Crilly deservedly bore the brunt of the jokes, but was clearly happy that he got his ice cream.

The Growling Swan is the Home of Friendly Golf contact Peter Grey if you are interested in playing, on 0861 503086.


The Growling Swan also caters to the bowls enthusiasts. Bus transport departs the GS on Wednesdays at 10 AM to play at Cocos on undercover synthetic greens and on Sundays at the same time for open grass bowling at The Retreat. Please contact Paul Rennison on 0843 454005 if you wish to partake. The cost including return bus transport, bowling fees and a hot lunch is less than 400 baht so great value for a day out.




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