The Golf Club 30/01

The Golf Club write-up for 26th – 30th Jan.
Steve Ellison
Kenny’s killer comeback!

Kenny “The Killer” Aihara get his first Medal!

Monday 26th – Rayong Green Valley – Stableford – White tees.
1st – Kenny Aihara (6) 40 points
T-2nd – Mark Wood (7) 37 points
T-2nd – Peter LeNoury (10) 37 points
T-2nd – Jack Grindvold (3) 37 points
T-3rd – Mick Beresford (17) 36 points
T-3rd – Silvio Bizzotto (10) 36 points

No need to repeat ourselves as to how good this course is. Rayong Green Valley is once again in superb condition and continues to impress all who play here.

A big field of 36 golfers here today found us with s full plate and no room for error on the first tee. You have to understand that all courses have to maximize play this time of year as an open slot on the board can mean a loss of 10,000 baht for just one tee time. This is a business just like any other after all. We try to fill all our slots but no-shows continue to cause problems.

We appreciate all they do to accommodate us here and usually it all works out just fine. Today we saw the return of one of our regulars who has been absent from the podium place he usually has no problem in achieving. More on that later.

Piacere and gratzie to Silvio Bizzotto who joined us for the first time today and shot his handicap to get to that 36 point level, along with local mate Micky Beresford at third place. Just up the ladder, we had a 3-way tie with TGC regulars Mark, Peter and Jack who were all on a very respectable 37 points for second.

The story of the day was Kenny. Aihara-San has not seen his name in lights for quite some time. He seemed to be in some sort of a depression as his game was just not up his normal high standards and the tourists were claiming all the glory. Today seemed to be the start of Kenny’s comeback as his victory over the field meant a 3 shot win to take the top spot for the day!

Wednesday 28th– Greenwood – Monthly Medal – White tees.

1st – Kenny Aihara (6) 71 net
T-2nd – Steve Mulberry (10) 73 net
T-2nd – Dave Mather (10) 73 net
T-2nd – Steve Weller (7) 73 net
T-2nd – John Fahey (18) 73 net

It was a tale of 2 Greenwoods today as the front 9 (A) had greens nice and quick and our back 9 had a slow go to get the ball to the hole. Still, great value for money and a fun track that was found to be in generally great condition. Weather in the region continues to be just perfect for golf.
Today was our Monthly Medal so hopes were running high for the coveted Antigua shirt and braggin’ rights to the Medal honour itself. Loads of contenders to the throne were present, and a 4-way tie for second place just showed how tight this race was. Mulberry, Mather and Weller were all right up there and a 73 could have won it on many other weeks… but not today. Kenny Aihara was the winner winner Chicken Dinner for his first victory at this format. Good Job Kenny! You new shirt is getting embroidery done and ready to go.
One more thing about Greenwood, they probably have the best showers in Chonburi as both the water pressure and temperature were amazing!

Friday 30th – Plutaluang Navy, E & S – White tees.
1st – Dave Parker (7) 39 points
2nd – Ken Aihara (6) 36 points
3rd – Bob Mulholland (10) 32 points

It’s no secret, this course has slow greens,. That’s not the worst thing that could happen and for the price, Navy is good high season value for sure. It has never had a reputation for great fairways as we all know, so get over it and enjoy the great layout with its beautiful setting. This is a good course for a Friday outing and fighting the traffic back was minimal.

Both just back in town, Bob Mulholland and Dave Parker wasted no time in getting back on the podium. Well played to Dave far a win right out of the gates! Look who took second! There’s Kenny once again to complete the week with a 1-1-2 for a fantastic comeback to competitive golf. The week certainly belonged to Mr. Aihara and well done Kenny!

We also say goodbye to Mark Tilden, back home to the UK for awhile so see you next time mate!

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