The Golf Club 15/08

Monday 15th – Green Valley – Stableford – White Tees

1st – Pat Ryan (15) 36 points

T-2nd – Jack Grindvold (4) 35 points

T-2nd – Mike Omiya (8) 35 points

T-4th – Dave Ferris (20) 33 points

T-4th – Peter Thomas (18) 33 points

T-4th – Takao Yotato (14) 33 points

T-4th – Kevin Hamilton (19) 33 points

Course Update: The management has decided to shorten the distance of carry off the first tee box, thus bringing forward the fairway some 40 yards. This should be completed in about 6 weeks from the look of it. Otherwise the remaining 98% of the course was in spectacular condition!

Results of the day were a veritable laundry list with 7 names in the good graces of Capt. Phil. Just too many were tied for 4th, but a notable was Dave Ferris who won here last week.

Visiting Hawaiian (I love when these guys leave their paradise for our paradise!) Mike Omiya had a solid 35 as did our buddy the amazing Jack Grindvold. Amazing because he runs Swimpex, owns and manages News Steaks & Grill, has 5 kids, keeps in great shape and still maintains a 4 handicap, don’t you hate him now? Well played buddy!

At this point I had better mention that Capt. Phil, who has been playing much better these days, managed to beat everyone on the 16th par-3 for our Caddy Smile near pin shot.

Our winner today was Irishman Pat Ryan who was also the only bloke to shoot to his handicap. Pat generously “Rang the Bell” when we all got back to The Golf Club and bought a round for everyone. Cheers Pat!

Tuesday 16th – Phoenix Gold  – White Tees

1st – Dave Ferris (19) 35 points

T-2nd – Peter Thomas (18) 34 points

T-2nd – Fred Graham (16) 34 points


I think we all concur that the original layout here was the best design. Things are quickly growing in, as they do in Thailand, so the Lake course is in much better shape now, and we are just going to have to live with it.

Sports Day at Phoenix Gold is one of the best values in Pattaya, with free carts included, the tally is just 1,300 baht! I don’t care where you come from, that is a great deal. I often hear about golf costing so much here, but they do not compare like for like, especially when you factor in our fabulous caddies!

On to the scoring, and it was “locals only” today as 3 of our regular T.G.C. stalwarts done us proud. Our Caddy Smile Near Pin was also taken by Freddie Graham.

It was a very close comp as the numbers above show, But Fred and Peter had to bow to Dave Ferris as “the big wheel” dropped one better putt to claim the top spot for today. By the time you read this, Dave will be back in beautiful Arizona so the other guys will now have a chance with Dave (and Kenny) gone!

Thursday 18th – Wangjuntra Jungle – Stableford – White Tees

1st – Corey Cusatis (22) 37 points

2nd – Robbie Taylor (14) 36 points

3rd – Andrew Newton (9) 31 points

A pretty strong field of 18 golfers took the dare and sat out on the 90 minute trek out to the very impressive Wangjuntra Golf Park. The loop today was the Jungle Course so an individual Stableford comp was on the cards.

Clubhouse conversation revolved around the enormous greens and, although sanded lightly, ran true and fast. Overall course condition was excellent, and how they can maintain this vast acreage to such a high standard is quite a feat. There are three 18 hole golf courses at this com-ex and each have a personality of its’ own. Layouts on all courses are designed by the group of Thai shareholders and partners, so I guess in the right situation, design by committee can actually work!

In the past, we have usually played the Highlands course and the format was a 2-man scramble. Today it was every man for himself and just breaking that 30 point barrier would get you on the podium!

First off, a pat on the proverbial back to our old mate Brad Gearie who is back in town again after too long an absence. Brad claimed the Caddy Smile Near Pin today and also made the putt for a 2. If you had 31 points, ya got third place and Andrew Newton did just that. Regular darksider Robbie Taylor had a great day in the Jungle and came away with a big 36 circled on his scorecard for sole second.

Story of the day was a name that has had a bit of a cold spell of late. That all changed today as Corey Cusatis off a 22 handicap stormed the course with 37 points on a track he had never played before. Nice job Corey, it didn’t hurt the card to sink that 90 foot putt either!

Thank you for your support of TGC, and keep it in the fairway!

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