The Golf Club 08/08

Monday 8th – Green Valley – Stableford – White Tees

T -1st – Dave Ferris (20) 38 points

T -1st – Pat Ryan (15) 38 points

T-3rd – Peter LeNoury (13) 35 points

T-3rd – Jered Sawyer (7) 35 points

T-3rd – Andy Makara (25) 35 points

Pardon the absence from last week’s column as I was hit with carpel tunnel syndrome and the right arm was out of commission for some 10 days. On the mend now thanks to some aggressive massage so we carry on! It has been just great weather for golf as overcast skies and a fairly low level of humidity has made our courses very enjoyable. Some days we found a good strong breeze that only added to the pleasure.

Green Valley was again in great condition, but only two players bettered their handicap today.

Maybe it was that wind keeping the scoring in check as three golfers were stuck on the 35 point mark for third place. Locals Peter LeNoury and Andy Makara ended up in the three-way with visiting single-handicapper Jered Sawyer.

Pat Ryan is over from Ireland and visiting us for a few weeks and found his stride straight away. Not only did he shoot well, but won the Caddy Smile near pin as well. Our regular Dave Ferris has been turning in some strong scores of late and is no surprise he has scored so well. No birdies, nothing special, just a solid 18 front and 20 back took Dave to the podium pinnacle this time. Nice shooting Dave!

Wednesday 10th – P.S.C. Monthly Khao Kheow – White/BlueTees

Please see the big write up on the PSC website for all results and details.

Thursday 11th – Burapha  – Stableford – White Tees

1st – Gary Emmett (19) 42 points

2nd – Gary Billingham (26) 40 points

3rd – Dave Ferris (20) 39 points

Moans and groans from the returning golfers today as heavily cored and sanded greens were on the C and D circuits here at Burapha.  Yes, I requested to lay this loop as last time here we played A and B. It would have been nice to know the maintenance schedule so we could have played a pristine A and B, or is that too much to ask? NO, I don’t thinks so as last week I received an email from the perfect Lotus Valley alerting me to their schedule of coring and sanding for early October. It can be done! Siam lets us know when they are working on their courses so please take note, not just for Burapha but all courses should post or inform the PSC so we can make adjustments.

As rough as the conditions were, some good scores were posted today. Dave Ferris won with a 38 on Monday and today shoots a 39 for third place, and continues his good run until he leaves for the States for a month’s vacation back in beautiful Arizona.

Visiting us for the first time from Dundee, Joe Duncan won the Caddy Smile near pin and is now just getting used to the weather and grasses we have over here.

A couple of Aussie Garys were next up the ladder and Mr. Billingham’s 40 points won sole second while Mr. Emmett topped the table with his 42 for the win. These blokes have been playing with us for years, but we also have had loads of new Aussie and Kiwi lads join up with us, escaping from the winter down under. They sure have helped our low season, so thanks gents!

Thank you for your support of TGC, and keep it in the fairway!

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