The Golf Club 06-10/02

Mulberry Ryder goes to the R.O.W.!

It was a hectic spell of golf these last 6 days as we welcome back our buddies for the Mulberry Ryder Cup 2017. This is the 15th year of the popular comp that pits an England squad against the Rest of the World.

Monday morning was of course, watching Superbowl 51 and after the amazing comeback from the Patriots, we headed out for our first rounds. The venue was the Kabinburi Sport Club for the first 3 days and the final singles matches were played at Pattavia Century on the way back.


After 2 days of hard graft, it was very close, but then it was all R.O.W. and the final tally was 31 ½ to England’s 23 ½. Thanks to Steve Mulberry for hosting the bash and Captains Bob Newell and Grant Montgomery for a memorable competition. I think they won because the R.O.W. team had 6.4 billion more people to choose from, or is that sour grapes?


Monday 6th – Green Valley – Stableford – White Tees

1st – Gary Emmett (18) 40 points

2nd – Masao Ishikawa (18) 37 points

3rd – Phil Smedley (14) 36 points


This is the perfect time of year to visit Pattaya. OK, the traffic may not be the easiest, but as far as golf goes, all the courses are in prime condition.


Speaking of prime, Gary Emmett seems to have found some mojo out there and his 40 point round was the best of the day. Ishi was just a bit behind on 37 for second place and none other than Capt. Phil that took third spot before his annual pilgrimage back to Australia, catching up with family. Visiting us from Japan, Masa Tojo took the near pin.


Tuesday 7th – Treasure Hill – Stableford – White Tees

1st – Peter Thomas (19) 36 points

T-2nd – Dan Dietz (10) 34 points

T-2nd – Trevor Robins (24) 34 points


This has turned out to be one of the most popular venues for just about all the golf societies here in Pattaya as the 1,150 price for green fee, caddy and buggy is the best in town. You might think some other courses would learn from this pricing strategy!


To shoot your handicap here is great going and Peter Thomas did just that today. This is a challenging course that requires straight shots so Peter was in the driver’s seat all day, just as he was for the Monthly Medal. Dan and Trevor had respectable scorecards as well and a 34 out there I would take any day. Mike Cantrell finally cashed in and took that Caddy Smile near pin.


Thursday 9th – Pattavia Century – Stableford – Yellow Tees

1st – Gary Emmett (18) 40 points

T -2nd – Alan Rothwell (8) 39 points

T -2nd – Mike Cantrell (28) 39 points

T -2nd – Blake Hanna (18) 39 points


We had 68 golfers out here today! What happened was we shared Pattavia with the 44 boys coming down from Kabinburi on the Mulberry Ryder Cup and completely took over the course. The local lads did well here today as many of the visitors were flummoxed by these testing greens!


The Golf Club crew can hold their heads high as just to tie with second place required 39 points! There was a trio of our finest, Alan Rothwell (bridesmaid again), Mike Cantrell and Blake Hanna all with outstanding rounds of 39 out there. At least Alan managed to hit that near pin birdie putt for a drink on me!


Gary Emmett repeated his 40 point round from Monday to take the top prize today. Gary has moved to Pattaya full time now and we have seen his game improve to where he now has more consistency as well as confidence to his game. Nice shootin’ mate, there’s more to come I am sure!


Friday 10th – Khao Kheow – Stableford – Yellow Tees


1st – Chris Barrett (20) 36 points

2nd – Alan Rothwell (7) 35 points

T-3rd – Fred Birch (16) 34 points

T-3rd – Steve Gamble (15) 34 points

T-3rd – Tony Cliff (8) 34 points



Dave Ferris is making his debut appearance as our Capitain du Golf these next few weeks as Phil is taking a break for a visit back home. How would he handle the first day and which tees would he choose? It turned out just fine and picking the yellows at 6,486 was much better than a mere 5,928 from the whites.


34 points were required for third place and three blokes did just that. One shot ahead was our official bridesmaid Alan Rothwell (again) catching the bouquet but not the trophy. Visiting Chris Barrett was the only one to shoot to his handicap for the win on this lovely Pete Dye track. Only one suggestion Dave…ya gotta tell me who won the Caddy Smile near pin!


Thanks for joining us this week, and keep it in the fairway!


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