Ferdinand’s Golf Society 11/05

Ferdinand’s freaky friendly society results


Monday’s venue was the beautiful location set in the foothills of the rain forest, Khao Kheo golf club


Our intrepid golfers set off on a gruelling round of golf, and gladly the rain held off for the entire round.


The result was:


Ian (oil guru) Pickles winner with a creditable  33 points

Runner up was Ed Wycoff with 27 points

We decided to stop the results list there as the next scores were not to be published to save the embarrassment of the rest of the field (pretty low).

Wednesday’s venue was the rolling hills and nature of the Navy course,  Plutaluang

This was special event, as it was the inaugural (first) ladies day event. This will be held monthly, and we are delighted to announce 8 lovely ladies entered the field. It was noticed they brought colour and elegance to proceedings, so much so that some of the male players suffered on their backswing when the ladies were retrieving their balls after putting out! No excuse boys….

The men’s division results were:

Nick (not so many beers this day) Shaw with 37 points

Freddy (how did I not win) Starbeck with 34 points

Jim (I’ll find his weakness soon) Proctor with 32 points


The first ladies tournament result was:


Yui beitry with 38 points

Duang with 34 points

Chop with 33 points

With Yui inviting here friends to the event, it was only fitting that she led from the front, literally! Congratulation Yui.

Friday’s event was held at the challenging course Emerald:


The highlight of the day going to Freddy Starbeck, who insisted on teeing his ball one side of the hole yardage plaque, with his feet the other, until the 10th, where poor old Freddy hit the ball and the metal plaque at the same time. The plaque travelled nearly as far as the ball!


The result was:


Ian (under scrutiny) Pickles with a lesson how to drink 22 beers and still score 41 points

Colin (sandals) Davis with 33 points

Thierry (ooh la la) Petrement with 32 points


Sunday’s venue was supposed to be our first medal at Green Valley, but due to the low season and turn-out we played stableford.

A tough battle ensued, with Ian Pickles launching into several beers by the 5th hole, with Phil Davis not far behind with 12 cigarettes by the 7th, Nick Shaw was not far behind with 6 beers by the eighth hole, Colin Davis was struggling with the intensity of his fellow competitors, and could only manage 15 swear words by the 9th.

The result of this gargantuan battle was:

Ian Pickles 35 point

Nick Shaw 33 point

Ferdinand’s Golf Society

We look forward to welcoming any down and outs, chain smokers, alcoholics, bar flies or just plain strange golfers to join our merry band of men (and ladies once a month), just pop into our lavish bar and restaurant to sign up for one of our jolly jaunts on Soi Buakhao or call Colin Davis (golf manager) on 0898 260764



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