Cafe Kronborg 18/01

Off to Crystal Bay today up Sukumvit for 55 minutes making most of the lights on the way. Swift checking and off C 1 on time with sunny skies and a nice breeze all day. The course was in good condition but being a Monday the greens had not been cut back in the clubhouse welcomes went out the Eddie Glinsek from Akron Ohio and Steen Habersaat back from the holidays in Denmark. Two flights today with the cut at handicap 22 and a full bin of pins.

Peter Bygeball won the A flight on a countback from Takeshi Hakozaki second both 35 points, and Walter Baechli third with 34 points.

Torben Sorensen won the B flight on a countback from Jan Lovgreen second both 37 points, and Ronnie Ratte third on a countback from Dave Richardson both 36 points

A flight 0-22

1st Peter Bygeball (19) 35 points

2nd Takeshi Hakozaki (15) 35 points

3rd Walter Baechli (16) 34 points

B flight 23 and up

1st Torben Sorensen (26) 37 points

2nd Jan Lovgreen (23) 37 points

3rd Ronnie Ratte (25) 36 points

Long putts

A 9 Elias Magnusson

C 9 Takeshi Hakozaki

Near pins

A 5 Takeshi Hakozaki

A 8 Michele Sancillo

C 4 Jan Lovgreen

C 7 Ronnie Ratte

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