Colin’s Golf Bar 18-23/06

Sunday 18th June

St Andrews

14 players today for St Andrews and a welcome back to Tony Huxtable who brought 3 friends from Bangkok. 13 players in the comp so we had 2 flights and 2 places in each and 3 near pins and longest 1st putt on hole 18. The course in reasonable condition contrary tpo some reports. All went well on the front nine but then we ran into a very slow 5 group got passed them while they were in the drinks station on No 10 but that was it no one could get passed them after that. A flt was a tight affair with Richard Griffin just beating Fred Birch by one shot and in B flt Aki Yamamoto on a flying visit from the land of the rising sun made the most of his short visit with 40 pts to take B flt  With Steve Coghlan coming 2nd with 36 pts, The Handicap Sec struggled off his New handicap.


Aflt 1st  Richard Griffin     (4)           37 pt


2nd    Fred Birch         (16)         36 pts


B flt  1st   Aki Yamamoto  (21)        40 pts


2nd  Steve Coghlan   (36)        36 pts


Near Pin’s  Colin Davis, Richard Griffin & Gary Barker

Longest Putt     Greg Limond

Monday 19th June


Just 2 groups of 3 for Pattavia, The weather good and the course in excellent condition with the green’s running slower than normal as shown by the results. Ther is no stopping that man Bob Stokes even with a handicap cut, he was still the man of the match with 42 pts closely followed by Murray  Hatchford over on a short visit from New Zealand here with his mate Wayne Gruebner, Murray shot a blob free round of 41 pts, Nigel Harrison also was blob free with 39 pts. Tip could not keep the blob free run going with 36 pts, Wayne Had 4 blobs  for 34 pts and Peter Hynard had 3 blobs for 32 pts, No near pins today due to a small group.


1st   Bob Stokes        (17)              42 pts


2nd  Murray Hatchford  (27)             41 pts


Wednesday 21st June

Royal Lakeside

A good turnout for Royal Lakeside 11 players with 2 no-shows, A good trip up the motorway in just under a hour, The course as always in great condition the greens fast and true if your caddy could read them. 3 groups , Nigel, Wayne & Murray in the first group and with no-one in front they flew round Nigel was back at work in Pattaya by 2.30 pm from a 10.00 tee off. Then the other 2 groups plodded round and the greens took their toll on everyone. Coming out on top yet again was Bob Stokes with 37 pts followed by his playing partner Peter Hynard with 35 pts just beating Murray on countback.

The Near (or not so near Pins were claimed by Colin Davis x 2,Bob Stokes & Peter Hynard   The Longest Putt    Murray Hatchbord


1st  Bob Stokes       (16)              37 pts

2nd Peter Hynard   (17)               35 pts



Friday 23rd June

Crystal Bay  B & C

Just 8 players today for Crystal Bay, The weather looking good but when we saw the course we realised that we only had the edge of the storm last night in Pattaya, every where you looked on the course there were trees down and the sound of chain saws removing them. Apart from that the course was in good condition if only the greens were a bit slow as some of the scores reflect. At last we have some one who can challenge Bob Stokes, We welcome back Richard Mace ,Mark Bamber & Dave Hewson who all played well but it was richard who took the honors with 40 pts from a trio on 38 pts Bob Stokes, Mark Bamber & Tip Briney but it was Bob with a monster putt on the 18th for birdie which clinched the countback.

The Near Pin’s were Claimed by Dave Hewson & Colin Davis


!st   Richard Mace        (28)          40 pts

2nd  Bob Stokes             (16)          38 pts/ 23






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