Colin’s Golf Bar 16/7

Sunday 16th July   Silky Oak

Just 10 players today for Silky Oak and when we arrived the weather looked promising, but when we got to the tee the rain started the 1st 2 groups went out in the light rain , but because of traffic problems the last group had to wait for the final member of the group to arrive so they called a Korean 4 ball thro, the good side of this was when the late comer arrived the rain had stopped, but even playing in dry conditions this group could not trouble the scorer. The 1st groupout Garry Emmett, Steve Coghlan & Manfred Hanke, despite the rain Gary put on a master class with 22 pts on the both nines. The next group Kevin McEntee, Peter Petersen & Paul West as expected played well with Kevin 40 pts off his 6 hcp & Paul 38 pts off 16 hcp. Then the final group Mick Beresford , Bill Eyles, John Dearden  & the Donkey After a poor start Mick pulled it back to finish with 35 pts the same as Bill.

1st   Gary Emmett         (15)            44 pts

2nd Kevin McEntee       (6)              40 pts

3rd  Paul West                   (16)             38 pts

Near Pin’s Kevin McEntee, Peter Petersen & Gary Emmett


Monday 17th July   Pleasant Valley

Monday Morning and 13 brave soul’s set out for Pleasant Valley amid grey sky’s, When we arrived not too many cars on the car park and it was a surprise to be sent out on the back nine 1st and even more of a surprise to find they were watering the greens as we played the whole course was soaking wet ,Maybe they were trying to empty the lakes, This did suit some of the players with 4 playing to their hcp or better the rest struggled, In Aflt Paul West carried on where he left off yesterday with 41 pts with a blob on the 1st, Then Mikko a new boy from Finland with 36 pts off his 7 hcp and 2 near pins. Then in B flt on his last game before returning to Australia on Wednesday Rod Brown started with 1 pt from the 1st 2 holes to finish with43 pts with 26 pts on the back nine, His new Hcp will be waiting for him when he returns In 2 nd place was the ever improving  lee Smith after a quiet night in 39 pts

A flt   1st    Paul West     (15)                  41 pts

2nd  Mikko             (7)                    36 pts

B flt   1st  Rod Brown     (20)                  43 pts

2nd Lee Smith       (36)                   39 pts

Near Pin’s   Mikko


Friday 21st July      Emerald

13 players for Emerald today , the weather looking fair despite the forcast of rain , When we got to the coursenot too many cars on the car park so it was straight off, carts were allowed on he fairways but it was still very soft and a lot of water in places, so we elected to play lift clean & cheat. We had 3 x 3 balls& a 4 ball and all went round with out any delays, all 4 groups finished within 4 hrs and best of all in the dry.  A flt with the cut off 20 hcp was the wirey old fox Jimmy Reilly playing the course for the 1st time with 39 pts , followed by ever present Gary Emmett with 37 pts. In B flt Lee Smith had a good day and beat his mate Paul Cornwell for refreshments after the game Lee with 41 pts to Pauls 35 pts

A flt   1st   Jimmy Reilly     (18)            39 pts

2nd  Gary Emmett   (15)            37 pts

B flt   1st Lee Smith       (40)                41 pts

2nd Paul Cornwell(32)               35 pts

Near Pin’s  tip Briney X2 John Chesney & Paul Cornwell


The course was in excellent condition considering all the recent rains and a bargain for GF.Cf. & cart  1250 bht   Well Done Emerald Staff.

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