Colin’s Golf Bar 07/04

Sunday 2nd April

Green Valley

19 players today for Green Valley 18 in the comp. The course still very soft after yesterdays rain .So lift clean and cheat. The 1st group out Dave Ferris, Gary Emmett, Steve Coghlan and John Dearden.  Dave was the best on the front with 19 pts Gary and Steve 18pts each and J.T.B. a poor start, The pace was a bit too much for Steve no blobs on the front then 5 on the back Dave also slipped back with 16 pts and Gary took his opertunity to go ahead with 20pts for 38pts.The next group a 3 ball Fred Birch, Yui and Jeff Acheson, yui was not in the comp so it was left to Fred and Jeff to battle it out  and Fred took it by 33pts to 32pts. The next group Aidan Murray,Ian Pickles, Peter Kelly & J.P. Maffray here it was Aidan after a poor start ,he then used his double shots wisely to just pip J.P. on the front 18pts. And then 2 blobs in the next 4 holes gave it to the handicap sec on a plate. Peter did not have the best front nine of his life but a good back gave him 31pts, Ian enjoyed the day out.The next group Eddie Beilby,Jim Bracket, Peter Le’Noury & the Donkey. The Donkey playing off his new Hcp at last got off to a flyer with a chip in birdie on the 1st only to be matched by Peter who had a tap in birdie, Jim was his usual steady selfand all three finished with 20 pts each on the front, but then the next hole everyone had a blob, so it was time for a calming Ice Cream at the drink stop and then the positions changed with Eddie getting 10pts from the next 3 holes to finish with only one shot separating all 4 2 x 34 & 2 x 35 pts. The final group Bob & Anne Stokes , Peter Petersen & Paul West, Bob was another with a good front 20pts but also 15pts on the back losing out on count back to the Donkey Anne did not have such a good day 15pts each side Peter was steady off his 4 hcp with 17pts each side and Paul played like his beloved Leeds Unt and wentr down as well.


Aflt   1st Gary Emmett      (16)           38pts

2nd  Jim Bracket       (7)             35pts

3rd Peter Petersen   (4)             34pts


Bflt    1st  Aidan Murray    (23)           37pts

2nd Dave Ferris   (18)                 35pts/ 16

3rd Colin Davis    (20)                 35pts/15/9/5


Near Pin’s  Jim Bracket x 2 Bob Stokes & Aidan Murray


Monday 3rd April

Greenwood A&B

13 today for greenwood so its 3 x 3 balls and 1 x 4 ball, Weather looking good and a new short cut to greenwood tried and it saves about 1 klm. 1st group out the big hitting Peter Petersen ,Brian Dunbar & Peter Kelly, a 4 & 5 handicaps and 15 hcp, these boys should have taken the course apart ,but apart from seeing all of the course it was left to the golden oldie Peter Kelly to show them how to play, peter Kelly 34 pts ,Brian Dunbar 28pts,&Peter Petersen 26pts. The next group out Tore Eliassen , Odd Holm- Hansen & Alistair Gall this group was much closer ,Odd best with 35pts,Tore 34 pts & Alistair 32pts. The next group barry Oats, Tip Briney & Pierre Zbinden, Tip was the only one not to have a blob,but he came very close with 30pts, Barry had 4 blobs for his 28pts, Pierre had just one blob but 35pts. The final group Mogen’s Jensen, Torben Lindgaard, Bob Stokes and the Donkey. There was no stopping Torbenhe had 19pts on the 1st 7 holes to finish blob less 42pts Bob off his 18 hcp played a very steady round 36pts Mogen’s had 4 blobs for his 33pts and the Donkey paid out for the 6’s for the 2nd day running


Aflt   1st  Bob Stokes    (18)       36 pts

2nd Peter Kelly    (15)       34 pts


Bflt    !st   Torben Lindgaard     (30)     42 pts

2nd Odd Holm-Hansen    (26)     35 pts


Near Pin’s  Bob Stokes & Peter Petersen

Longest Putt    Peter Petersen


Wednesday 5th April

Royal Lakeside

A good turnout today for Royal Lakeside for this time of the year 16 players, the weather perfect overcast but dry , and the course In its normal excellent condition. The 1st group out a group of low hcp big hitters. Paul Smith ,Peter Petersen,Kevin Mc Entee & Matt Cronin . This group did not disappoint, Kevin after recovering from the Opp. On his hip’s shot the best round of his life making a mockery of his 10 hcp with 24 pts on each side with 4 birdies & 2  bogies for 48 pts. Looking on in amazement buddy Matt managed 36 pts Peter 35 pts & Paul 33 pts. The next group coming back down to earth Barry Oats, Mick Coghlan, Graham Buckingham & Tip Briney. Barry off the silver tees shot 37 pts Tip 34 pts Graham 28 pts & Mick 26 pts.( Just to put Kevins score into perpective).The next group the Donkey ,Tore Eliassen , Peter Kelly & Bob Stokes This was a hard fought game but it finished the same as all the others this week with the donkey paying out to everyone, Bob was top scorer with39 pts, Tore next with 38 pts & Peter with 37 pts, The only good news for the Donkey was that Neil Smiths nightmare was worse.The final group Neil Smith , Martin Porter, Paul West ,& Pierre Zbinden here it was much of the same , Martin Porter with his 40 hcp 35 pts Paul with 31 pts and Neil & Pierre 29 pts each.


Aflt      1st   Kevin Mc Entee     (10)        48 pts

2nd  Bob Stokes             (17)        39 pts

Bflt       1st Tore Eliassen          (21)           38 pts

2nd  Barry Oats            (26)            37 pts


Near Pin’s  Paul Smith & Pierre Zbinden


Longest 1st Putt          Peter Kelly


Friday 7th April

Crystal Bay  B & C

No Stopping Kevin

Three x 4 balls today at Crystal Bay with a good chance of rain. The course quiet so it was straight off once we had sorted out the caddys and carts. Carts allowed on the fairways so play the ball as it lie’s ,The 1st group out Kevin Mc Entee, Nigle Harrison ,Rune Askdal & Brian Dunbar who after Wednesday elected no comp, Which was the right decision as Kevin tore the course apart again  ,Out in 21pts & back in 22pts. Hanging on to his coats tails Nigel had 38 pts and Rune off his Norway hcp of 14 29pts. The next group Mogen’s Jensen,Bob Stokes, Jim Procter and the Donkey. This group were pretty poor on the front with Bob 16pts ,Donkey 12pts Mogens 9pts And Jim 8pts Bob was better on the back with 19pts and the donkey with the help of a putt off the green for a birdie 2 for 18 pts, Mogens only slightly better with 10pts & jim same as the front 8pts.The final group Barry Oats, Graham Buckingham , Mick Coghlan & Tip Briney, This was a better scoring group With Tip top score of 39pts Graham 37 pts Mick 30pts & Barry 22pts after a nightmare front.


1st    Kevin McEntee           (10)              43 pts

2nd   Tip Briney                    (25)              39 pts

Near Pin’s   Kevin McEntee  &  Rune Askdal

Longest 1st Putt     Bob Stokes

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