Cafe Kronborg 29/06

Pattavia 29 June Stableford

Pattavia was the game up the 331 in less than an hour with

no bottleneck at bowin and road improvements close to the course. Quick checkin and

off the first tee 10 minutes early under sunny skies and hot conditions all day. The course

was in fine condition with the greens a fair 9.2 on the stimpmeter..

Back in the clubhouse after a little over 4 hours of toiling on this long

course the winner was Dave Richardson with stingy 31 points, nigel perry second just behind

with 30 points and Karl Beter third with 27 points.

1st Dave Richardson                               (27)                                  31 points

2nd Nigel Perry                                         (26)                                   30 points

3rd Karl Beter                                           (30)                                   27 points

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