Cafe Kronborg 27/08

Plutaluang N&W – Stableford

The test was Plutaluang today down Sukumvit for 45 minutes.swift check in and off n 1 25 minutes early under partly sunny skies and a swirling breeze with couple of sprinkles midway.

The course was in good condition and fairly quick greens even though a sign in the clubhouse warned of slow greens because of lack of water.Manditory carts are required on N&W Fridays through Sundays for some unknown reason.

Back in the clubhouse after a round of 4 hours and 20 minutes the winner

was Franco Morretti with 35 points mark west second wth 34 points and Dave Richardson third with 32 points.

1st Franco Morretti (32) 35 points

2nd mark west (16) 34 points

3rd Dave Richardson (29) 32 points

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