Cafe Kronborg 26/12


Cafe Kronborg played at Pattaya Country Club on Boxing Day a short ride from Pattaya, which was easy on those suffering from over indulgence over the Christmas weekend. We only had one no show casualty, who apparently was partying with some “bad people”!

I must start by congratulating the management of Pattaya CC for considering the comments of their golfers and altering the excessively punitive OB at the back of the 18th green to a red staked hazard. The former spoilt many a good round when we played here at the end of last season.

The golf course was hard and dry as usual for this time of year, but generally there was plenty of grass and not too many bare patches. We had given relief for bare patches on the fairway and none of my group needed to take advantage of this. The greens were a good pace on the front and somewhat slower on the back. The green keeper may have been in a bad mood, as the pin placements seemed to be very tough, or maybe there are no easy placements on the front greens.

Inevitably the scores were not great with no-one beating their handicap and the B flight especially finding the conditions difficult.

As if to test the organisers after their indulgences over the Christmas weekend, there were a couple of incorrect cards and a multitude of countbacks which took a bit of sorting out.

There were 2 flights with the A flight 0 to 22 and the B flight 23 and above.

A Flight was won by Kai Aabling with 36 points, who is in a rich vein of form at the moment and is the person to beat in A flight. Jesper Rasmussen also had 36 points, but came 2nd on countback. Peter Bygballe was 3rd with 35 points and Rob Brown was 4th with 34.

B Flight was once again the countback flight. 1st and 2nd place both had 32 points. Torben Sorensen came 1st beating Jan Lovegreen into 2nd place on countback. Apparently Torben did a superb chip in on the last hole for 3 points to doubly frustrate Jan winning the flight and their individual match. Karen Brown made life easy for the organisers by being the only person in B flight to score a sound 31 points to take 3rd place and 4th spot was taken by Susan Gaarde with 28 points, beating Kurt Sandgaard on countback on the last 6 holes.

My wife and I would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year.

R & CK

A Flight (0-22)

1st Kai Aabling (22)                           36 points (Countback 19 points)

2nd Jesper Rasmussen (21)           36 points (Countback 14 points)

3rd Peter Bygballe (19)                   35 points

4th Rob Brown (8)                             34 points

B Flight (23 & Above)

1st Torben Sorensen (27)              32 points (Countback 17 points)

2nd Jan Lovgreen (23)                      32 points (Countback 14 points)

3rd Karen Brown (36)                      31 points

4th Susan Gaarde (28)                     28 points (Countback 10 points on last 6, Kurt Sandgaard 8 points)

Near Pins

No.5      No one

No.7      Jesper Rasmussen

No.12    Rob Brown

No.16    No one

Long Putts

9th Kai Aabling

18th Rob Brown

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