Cafe kronborg 24/09

Plutaluang N&W-Stableford

Plutaluang was the game today down Sukumvit for 45 minutes easy checkin and off n 1 30 minutes early with cloudy conditions most of the day.

The course was in good condition and dry considering that the lake is up about 6 feet in the last 3 weeks. We wizzed around in about 3 hours and 20 minutes with a welcome back to Tore Eliassen.

Karl Beter was the winner with 35 points,Tore Elissen second with 34 points

and Mikito Homma third with 28 points

1st Karl Beter (30) 35 points

2nd tore Eliassen (19) 34 points

3rd Mikito Homma (18) 28 points

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