Cafe Kronborg 23/07

Mountain Shadow : Stableford
Mountain Shadow was the game up route 7 for 45 minutes. Easy check in and off the first tee 20 minutes early under sunny skies and a bit of wind all day.

The course was in good condition with fast greens. Back in the clubhouse after a round of 4 hours and 15 minutes welcomes went out to Gary Bingham from the USA and Mikka Kuparinen from Finland and goodby to Mark Bell going back to his police duties in Victoria Oz.
Mashi Kaneta was the winner with a fine 40 points, Mark Bell second with 38 points, Jon Swanson third with 36 points , Tom Cotton fourth with 34 points and Karl Beter
Fifth with 33 points.

1st Mashi Kaneta  (14)  40  points
2nd Mark Bell  (12)  38  points
3rd Jon Swanson  (25)  36  points
4th Tom Cotton  (21)  34  points
5th Karl Beter  (30)  33  points

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